Volume 74, Number 35 | January 05 - 11, 2005

I see a contentious board meeting…’ Predictions 2005

By Ed Gold

It’s that time of year again! We’re looking into our crystal ball to see how some of the more active people in our neighborhood may fare in the coming year. These include current and former politicians and candidates, members of Community Board 2 and political clubs, university presidents and officials and community activists.

As usual, the crystal ball has a mischievous bent so everyone should bring a light rather than a faint heart to the table. Sit back and enjoy the fun.

The only serious message is that everyone should have a peaceful and rewarding New Year!

Catherine Abate: Former state senator gets a call from Eliot Spitzer.
Ann Arlen: Reappointed to Community Board 2 by a new borough president.
Stanley Aronowitz: Tickled about New York University-New School union harmony.
George Arzt: Drops politics and devotes all his time to collecting campaign buttons and baseball cards.
Keen Berger: Lists 50 projects to work on as district leader.
Katy Bordonaro: Takes well-earned vacation after a decade of stress — but worries anyway.
Lynne Brown: Weighs presidency at a high-class Catholic college against keeping her 12th-floor suite in Bobst.
Susan Brownmiller: Does new edition of her seminal work, “Against Our Will.”
Al Butzel: Rows up the Hudson River checking on fish habitats.
Carin Cardone: Promises no one will touch Picasso or Pei on the superblock.
Lucy Cecere: Cuts short a vacation to get back to Caring Community.
Rocky Chin: Takes another look at the 1st Councilmanic District.
Hillary Clinton: Sends Rudy condolences after his recent booboo.
Doris Diether: Sells enough books to buy a co-op on Waverly.
Tom Duane: Makes peace with Village Independent Democrats and joins its executive committee.
Dennis Fabian: Leaves St. Vincent’s Hospital and heads for Hollywood.
Virginia Fields: Buys a couture wardrobe for her mayoralty run.
Alan Gerson: Sets a City Council record for number of meetings attended.
Deborah Glick: Asks for front-row position on all group photo-ops.
Michael Haberman: Buys a piece of The Villager to insure “fair coverage” of N.Y.U.
Jo Hamilton: Hires security team to check out Meat Market nightlife activity.
Brad Hoylman: Bob Rinaolo invites him over for drinks.
Bob Kerrey: Beats John Sexton in an arm wrestle.
Joan Kenney: Sets precedent with baby-sitting on the bench.
Honi Klein: Works 12-hour day, extending Village Alliance business improvement district to Sixth Ave. and 14th St.
Rachel Lavine: Parties a lot trying to forget about November.
Diane Lebedeff: Has bench named after her in proposed High Line Park.
Rita Lee: Gerson provides chauffeur service for her trip from Pennsylvania.
Aubrey Lees: Gets a third dog and decides she needs her own dog run.
Margarita Lopez: Thinks about asking Ed Koch for his support in her run for borough president.
Don MacPherson: Gets a suntan on Pier 40.
Chad Marlow: Memorizes “Robert’s Rules” for future use.
Dirk McCall: Runs out of breath chasing after his boss, Gerson.
Yvonne Morrow: Checks Google to see what her old boss Sheldon Silver is up to.
Jerry Nadler: Turns down offer to head the Port Authority.
Chris Quinn: Sits in the speaker’s chair to see if it’s comfortable.
Lois Rakoff: Lines up support for 6th Precinct Community Council presidency.
Rocio Sanz: Opens own restaurant in Meat Market.
Chuck Schumer: Asks Hillary to kick in for the ’06 Senate races.
Arthur Schwartz: Hears young son singing “Solidarity Forever.”
Shirley Secunda: City tells her traffic is completely safe on Houston St.
John Sexton: Promises no new N.Y.U. buildings over four stories.
Henry Stern: Sells city ties again to maintain his living standard.
Arthur Stoliar: Has a room dedicated in his name at Beatrice Inn.
Arty Strickler: In a peace gesture, invites Carol Reichman and Jo Hamilton out for lunch.
Sean Sweeney: Launches a “Kathryn Freed for Supreme Court” campaign.
Stuart Waldman: Invites Al Butzel out for dinner.

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