Volume 74, Number 23 | Octuber 6 - 12 , 2004

koch on film

By Ed Koch

“Head in the Clouds” (+)
I saw this film the night it opened and there were only ten people in the audience. Many people probably read the same reviews that I did which went from bad to worse. The script was pounded but there was an admiration for the acting and positive references to the sensuality of the movie. I actually enjoyed it.

The principal characters include Gilda (Charlize Theron), her lover Guy (Stuart Townsend), and Mia (Penelope Cruz) who is Gilda’s lesbian lover. All three characters are striking in appearance and give very good performances.

The problem with the script is that it tries to do too much and nothing is carried out in depth. After World War I we are taken to the Spanish Civil War and then to World War II and the liberation of Paris. The liberation of Paris scenes are well done as are those of the French Marquis blowing up trains.

I thought the film had great potential and felt a little cheated with the final product which is more about mood than plot. But as I said, it did provide me with a modicum of pleasure. So, if a terrific film isn’t showing when you plan to go to the theater, “Head in the Clouds” is a candidate for viewing.

“Rick” (-)
This flick is similar to a “Twilight Zone” television episode intended to chill an audience or a radio chapter designed by Arch Obler. It makes no attempt to develop characters or personalities and, as a result, the acting offers very little in terms of range.

Rick (Bill Pullman) and his boss, Duke (Aaron Stanford), are vile to their associates below them. The script involves a murder contract and a curse hurled at Rick by Michelle (Sandra Oh), a young Japanese woman whom Rick insults on several occasions. Another major character is Buck (Dylan Baker) who appears to have some knowledge and powers of the devil.

Surprisingly, the tabloids gave his flick three stars. Ridiculous. I did not enjoy or think well of it at all.
  - Ed Koch

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