Volume 74, Number 20 | September 15 - 21 , 2004

Scoopy's notebook

Page Six sticks Glick: Everyone was thoroughly confused by a recent Page Six item in the New York Post that claimed Maria Passannante Derr, a member of Community Board 2, plans to run against Assemblymember Deborah Glick in two years. The item said that Glick, “who ran as a feminist, is overly subservient to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver” and that some board members allegedly find her “brittle and moody.” Derr denied she would run against Glick, adding, “She competently represents our community. We have a cordial relationship.” Derr called Glick soon after the item came out to say it was inaccurate. “Maybe it was because of my family name, a name I’m very proud of,” she said. For her part, Glick said she thinks it was a smear by “Koch/Pataki” operatives trying to make Silver look bad. “I think it was clearly an attack on Shelly — and that they can attack a woman and a lesbian is a plus. The attack is by a conservative newspaper on a progressive woman.” Others, however, wondered if a community board member had planted the item. “It clearly has the fingerprints of Board 2 on it,” said Sean Sweeney, a member of the board. However, C.B. 2 District Manager, Art Strickler, was doubtful the board was the source. “It certainly didn’t come from anyone at Board 2 — because I know all the insiders,” he said with a laugh.

Duane riled: “Where was Tom Duane during the G.O.P. Convention?” asked Emily Csendes, State Senator Duane’s Republican opponent, in a recent e-mail. Where indeed? Just about everywhere, said Duane. He spoke at the March for Women’s Lives on Aug. 28, walked in the United for Peace and Justice March on Aug. 29 and throughout the week helped the National Lawyers Guild secure the release of arrested protesters by using his contacts in the Police Department and helped other detainees get their medication and other medical needs addressed. “While Emily was partying with the pro-Bush people, I was there with the vast majority of New Yorkers and people who don’t agree with the Bush agenda,” Duane said.

Zell no: Even Ed Koch thinks Zell Miller’s speech went too far at the Republican National Convention. “I think Zell Miller was over the top,” the former mayor said, “too strident.” Koch, who is backing Bush’s reelection and introduced Mayor Bloomberg at the convention, sat in Bloomberg’s skybox during the R.N.C.

Depot dud: The new Home Depot on W. 23rd St. between Fifth and Sixth Aves. has made a big point of adjusting its inventory for urban dwellers, but the store may need a little more work. Business was brisk there Sunday during the chain’s first weekend in New York City, but a friend of Scoopy had trouble finding two items. When he asked a clerk if they had fold-up, grocery shopping carts, a woman shopper who overheard the request began directing the person to a nearby hardware store. “Hey, hey, hey,” the clerk protested, until he realized the megastore did not have the carts, a necessary convenience in a world without supermarket parking lots and home driveways. Surprisingly enough, The Home Depot also did not have a type of two-pronged outlet adapter that was found in a 99-cent store several blocks away. Nevertheless many shoppers did find things to buy and there was even a long line in the men’s room.

Scene at the protest: At the ANSWER rally by Madison Sq. Garden on the last night of the convention we bumped into a publicist for a Meat Market boutique carrying a Palestinian flag over her shoulder and wearing an Arab kaffiyah headdress. We were glad to hear that she believes Israel has a right to exist. Also at the rally a Korean activist harangued the crowd about how America had killed “millions” in the Korean War. How do you say “B.S.” in Korean? Several Villagers said they made a point of avoiding the ANSWER rally, not agreeing with all the group’s politics. Instead, they opted for a candlelight vigil in Union Sq.... Also, we’d like to know — where can you get one of those inflatable, Pinocchio Bush “Mission Accomplished” puppets that say “Impeach Me” on the back of their flight suits? We’ll try Canal St.

Chelsea housing: In an ad in last week’s issue, the date for a meeting on tenants’ rights and housing issues facilitated by the Chelsea Housing Group at Hudson Guild was incorrectly listed as Wed., Sept. 12. The correct date is Wed., Sept. 15. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Hudson Guild’s Fulton Center at 119 Ninth Ave.

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