Volume 74, Number 9 | June 30 - July 6, 2004

Villager photos by Elisabeth Robert

Standing room only in new Abingdon Sq.

Judging by the large number of people sitting on the new benches in Abingdon Sq. Park, the park’s renovation has been a smashing success. In fact, it’s hard to recall a time when so many people enjoyed the park. The renovated Abingdon Sq. has broad, winding paths, more than 40 new benches, specially designed garbage cans, a central grass lawn that rises in its center to a small peak and many new plantings, with low chains fencing off the greenery. The statue of the W.W. I “Doughboy” was moved to a more central location, where it can be better appreciated. Handicapped accessibility in the new design was raised as an issue by critics of the project. But Richard Pedrini, in his wheelchair, right, who lives at Village Nursing Home, said he loves the park renovation. His sister Dolores Delardi added that the park’s wheelchair accessibility is “great.” Another issue had been the cutting of the three corners of the park’s historic fence to create new openings. But the new entrances only seem to have improved the park and made it more user friendly.


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