Volume 73, Number 3 | May 19 - 25, 2004

A special Villager supplement

Wireless Internet now in Union Sq.

Since last summer when it was launched with a soft opening, there has been wireless Internet service in Union Sq. Park. Anyone with a wireless-compatible laptop computer or “PDA” (personal digital assistant), such as a Palm Pilot, can connect to the ’Net for free in the square.

According to Henry Choi, director of public affairs for the Union Square Patnership, the best reception is on the square’s north end. That’s where the transmitter/receiver is, on top of the Barnes and Noble building.

So far, about 20 people are using the service a day. New laptops often come with wireless capability bundled in, but for older models a wireless card can be purchased for $40-$100 at stores like P.C. Richard, Staples or Circuit City, all conveniently located near the square.

Another upscale food store on 14th St.?

Word has it that a trendy new food store may be angling for the commercial space in New York University’s new Palladium residence on E. 14th St. between Third and Fourth Aves. Other commercial spaces drawing interest are the former Gateway computer store at Union Sq. N. and Park Ave. S. and a space next to the new Guitar Center on W. 14th St. near Fifth Ave.


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