Volume 81, Number 19 | October 13 -19, 2011
West and East Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Little Italy, Chinatown and Lower East Side, Since 1933

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Photo by Danny Stein

Rabbis Reuven, left, and Dovid Feinstein reading in a Lower East Side synagogue. The brothers are sons of the late Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, the world-renowned Talmudic scholar. Moshe Feinstein was the rabbi of the Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem Yeshiva on East Broadway, and started a branch of M.T.J. on Staten Island. Today, Dovid heads the Manhattan branch of M.T.J., and Reuven heads the Staten Island branch.

Volume I: Religion, schools, bruisers, pols and food

By Clayton Patterson

I am trying to raise $15,000 to print the three-volume “Jews, a People’s History of The Lower East Side.” I need to get this into print. I am using Kickstarter to raise the money, at http://kck.st/o2bVzz .

I am working with the nonprofit Solo Foundation. The foundation is handling the money, accounting and record keeping.  

Below is the table of contents for Volume I, which is more than 450 pages long.

Part 1: Invoking the lost past
“The Disappearing Jewish Lower East Side, circa 1935,” by Suzanne Wasserman

“Lower East Side Conservancy,” by Laurie Tobias Cohen

“Ritz With a Shvitz: Luxury on the Lower East Side,” by Shulamith Berger and Jai Zion

“Public Baths on the Lower East Side,” by Joyce Mendelsohn

“The Good Old Days on the Lower East Side,” by Lee Stein Rubins

“275 East 7th Street: An Enduring Family Legacy,” by Eleanor B. Itzkowitz and Joan Israel

“A 1966 Journey Through the Lower East Side,” by David Stein

“The Forward’s Edifice Complex,” by Shulamith Berger

“Hot Lead Is Dead, 1979,” by David Stein

Part 2: Preserving a legacy of values
“Shlomo Stein’s Ethical Will (1958),” by Shlomo Stein

“Ethical Will (2000),” by Mareleyn Schneider

“How to Write Your Own Ethical Will,” by Mareleyn Schneider

“Hidden Treasures: The Danny Stein Archives,” by Clayton Patterson

“Documenting the Jewish Lifecycle and Presence on the Lower East Side: The Daniel Stein Collection,” by Mareleyn Schneider

“The Morality Police on the Lower East Side,” by Marvin Greisman

“The Heart of the Father and the Heart of the Son Shall Beat as One,” by David Stein

Part 3: Disobedient Jews?
“Swinging at Shadows: Toward a History of the Lower East Side Tough Guy,” by Joeseph Kraus

“Jewish Presence in the Essex Market Court: What Happened There,” by Mareleyn Schneider.

“Without an Eruv, Gentrification Is Useless to Save the Traditional Jewish Lower East Side,” by Juda Engelmayer

“The Story of the Jewish Defense Organization and the Lower East Side, Actually the Bowery,” by A.J. Weberman

“Early Communitarian Experiments on the Lower East Side: Social Reform Practices in New York City During the Gilded Age,” by Robert Dannin

Part 4: Schooling in a bygone era
“The Yeshiva on Henry Street,” by Marvin Schick

“ESHI,” by Phillip Rothman

“Bais Yaakov: In Our Hearts Forevermore,” by Suellyn Friedel Ben-Zvi

“Purim Streamlined: A Play With Incidental Music (1941),” by Celia Plotkin

“Yemenite Version of Adir Hu from the Passover Hagga-dah: The Lyrics Transliterated,” by Mareleyn Schneider

Part 5: Growing up as an adventure
“Jewish Boxing in the Lower East Side,” by Jennifer Oh and David Leslie

“A Cultural Icon: Weisberg Religious Articles,” by Avi Weisberg

“Lessons Learned by Growing up on the Lower East Side: Some of Our Adventures in Paradise,” by Mareleyn Schneider

“Two Inconspicuous Mitzvos: Blessing on the Trees and Blessing of the Sun,” by Mareleyn Schneider and Marvin Greisman

Part 6: Lifelong Lower East Siders
“Tribute to a Forgotten Leader: Congressman Leonard Farbstein (1902-1993),” by Mareleyn Schneider

“Hon. Sheldon Silver, Speaker of New York State Assembly,” by Vicki Brower

“The World in Which Sheldon Silver Grew Up,” by Mareleyn Schneider

“A Ladino Story,” by David Sands

Part 7: Hath not a Jew fed with the same food? (Shakespeare’s Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice”)
Sometimes no.

“Bagels Are Eternal,” by Ilka Scobie

“Streit’s,” by Ann Binlot

“Russ and Daughters,” by Suzanne Wasserman

“2nd Ave. Deli,” by Ann Binlot

“Katz’s: That’s All,” by Yura Dashevsky

“To Modern American Jews, They’re Simply Offal (Organ Meats) or Other Awful Animal Inedibles,” by Mareleyn Schneider

“Gardens of Earthly Delights,” by Steve Dalachinsky

“Candy Store,” by David Huberman

“Katz’s: A Landmark’s New Lease on Life,” by Claude Solnik

“Symbolic Foods for Rosh Hashanah,” by Mareleyn Schneider

Part 8: Synagogue lifestyle
“Benjamin Koenigsberg and the Birth of the Young Israel Movement,” by David Stein

“Kehila Kedosha Janina: The Holy Congregation of Janina,” by Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos

“Congregation Chasam Sopher: Moses Weiser’s Years of Struggle Pay Off for the ‘Everyone in the Community’,” by Joan Moossy

“Looking for My Great-Grandfather: The Second Bialystoker Synagogue,” by Rabbi Dovie Gelerinter

“Description of a Shtiebel on the Lower East Side,” by Cliff Fyman

“A Letter to Rabbi Joseph Singer,” by Toby Moskovitz

“Stanton Street Shul,” by Rabbi Yossi Pollock

Part 9: Back in a Jew’s world
“The People That Made Me: A Love Story of the Jewish Lower East Side,” by Tsaurah Litzky

“Ancestors,” by Ingrid Hughes

“The Land of the Quartchyard,” by C.O. Moed

“Lower East Side Mecca,” by Allegra Lucier

“The Peddlar from Norfolk Street,” by Ron Ross

“The Bastard Heirs,” by Dorothy Friedman August

“Community,” by Helen Garber

“Small Town With an Elevator,” by Melissa Caruso Scott

“My East Village,” by Matt Kohn

“Jewish Roots in the Lower East Side,” by Joanee Freedom

“Lower East Side: A Silk Road,” by Michael Rosen

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