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Volume 73, Number 29 | November 19 - 25, 2003


Laurence Tisch, 80, billionaire was a top benefactor for N.Y.U.

Laurence Tisch, the billionaire Wall St. investor who bought CBS Inc., saving it form a hostile takeover, died on Nov. 15 at Tisch Hospital of the New York University Medical Center.

In his later years, Tisch was increasingly known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly towards his alma mater, New York University, from which he graduated cum laude at 18. He was chairperson of N.Y.U.’s board of trustees from 1978 to 1998 and helped raise $2 billion for the university, including $40 million from his own family.

Said university spokesperson John Beckman, “If institutions are very lucky, then from time to time in their history they will come across individuals who will do the kind of great service that will change them forever. For N.Y.U., Laurence Tisch was such a person. He was generous with his wisdom and philanthropy. Mostly, he saw at N.Y.U. the potential for being a great university and was a key figure in enabling us to realize that.”

Tisch is survived by his wife, Billie, four sons, his brother and 15 grandchildren.


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