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Volume 73, Number 27 | November 05 - 11, 2003

Village Halloween parade hits 30

Villager photos by Elisabeth Robert

Disco revelers and Rosie the Riveter helped the Village Halloween Parade celebrate its 30th anniversary last Friday along with an estimated 30,000 costumed participants who sashayed up the catwalk of Sixth Ave. from Spring St. to 23rd St. Along with the traditional vampires and vixens, popular costumes this year included President George Bush and mauled magician and tiger trainer Roy Horn. Brent Ashton, 31, of Murray Hill was one of many who came as the bloodied Vegas showman, but he had an extra prop in the form of his golden retriever Jake, who was dressed up as the tiger that attacked Horn.

As always, some revelers had more serious statements to make. Marissa Harris, 17, an N.Y.U. student, went as an Iraqi war victim, with realistic-looking burn wounds she created herself out of makeup. She marched with Matthew and Karmenlara Seidman, 39 and 28, of Astoria, who came dressed as old-fashioned moguls in three-piece suits with fake dollar bills hanging out of their pockets. “We are representing those who profit from war,” Karmenlara said.

The big Village blowout went off without a hitch: a police spokesperson said that there were no incidents reported at the parade.

Elizabeth O’Brien


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