Volume 77 / Number 51 - May 21 - 27, 2008
West and East Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Little Italy, Chinatown and Lower East Side, Since

 Villager photos by Tequila Minsky

Green day for Prince St. lane

Department of Transportation workers painted the cross-town bike path from the West Village to the East Side last week using bright green paint to clearly distinguish it from the rest of traffic. Above, workers sprayed and used rollers to paint the lane at Bleecker and Bank Sts. Below, the newly painted, eastbound bike lane on Prince St. Shortly afterward, however, cars were spotted parking in the new bike lane, prompting cycling activists to cry that only a physical barrier will keep oblivious — or simply inconsiderate — drivers out of it. Scott Gastel, a D.O.T. spokesperson, said, “The high-visibility green bicycle lane on Prince St. is one in several examples of an experimental treatment that we are testing on bicycle lanes where the potential for bicycle/motor vehicle conflict is high. We are collecting data on how high-visibility green treatment affects driver and cyclist behavior, and if the treatment proves effective and durable, we will integrate it into new bicycle lane projects to highlight points of potential conflict to motorists and cyclists. The lane at Prince St. was originally installed last year. In addition to the recently painted green lane, there is one ‘Bike Lane, Bikes Only’ regulatory sign per block. The entire curb is regulated by ‘No Standing Anytime’ regulations, which are posted multiple times on each block. All of these regulations were already in effect. Bicycle logo pavement markings are being installed over the new green paint as well.” Enforcement of regulations to keep cars and trucks out of bike lanes is the jurisdiction of the police.

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