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Printing House Fitness Club trainers from Team Lean Apple NYC, front row, from left, Dariuz Garko, Joe Maysonet, Romeo Gousse and Sameer Sheikh; back row, from left, Frederick Dawkins, Jennifer Santiago and Michelle Grillone.

Lean Apple training team help peel off the pounds

By Judith Stiles

Spring is around the corner, and while most people look forward to shedding winter coats and layers of clothing, people who suffer from being obese dread the warm weather when they can no longer hide under bulky winter clothes.

Being grossly overweight often goes hand in hand with yo-yo dieting and failed exercise regimes that lead to little or no weight loss. Repeated failure compounds the problem and makes it more difficult to come out of the wintry shadows and take the first step toward losing weight.

This spring, the Printing House Fitness Club at 421 Hudson St. is taking the misery out of weight loss in a new comprehensive program in which expert trainers and nutritionists work to create a positive lifestyle change for people who struggle with obesity.

“The good news is that the program is free and anyone who is interested can quietly go online and apply to leanapplenyc.com,” says Joe Maysonet, a.k.a. “Joe Trainer,” the director of this new fitness program.

“We don’t like to use the term ‘obese,’ rather we refer to it as being ‘larger than normal’ because we are sensitive to individuals who struggle with all kinds of issues related to their body image,” he adds.

Maysonet is working with a client who is 5 foot 6 inches and 270 pounds. Not only has he designed a special strengthening program in the gym just for her, but Maysonet is on the phone almost every day, coaching her through fundamental lifestyle changes.

“I work on physical fitness, but I also focus just as much on building confidence. It is simple. I help my clients feel good about themselves,” says “Joe Trainer,” who is all muscle and no flab himself.

One of the hurdles Maysonet faces working with larger-than-normal people is that they tend to dislike gyms and they don’t like people touching them or watching them. The clients in the Lean Apple NYC program don’t dive into lifting weights and running on treadmills. Rather, they take the first simple step of having a private and relaxed evaluation of their individual goals and capabilities.

Maysonet believes that it is important to build a relationship of trust with his clients in order to make progress and achieve goals. The Printing House Gym creates a relaxed atmosphere where people of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable exercising.

“There is no judgment here, just everyone working out in their own way with a friendly reassuring coach,” says Maysonet as he describes his staff of 10 trainers who will particpate in Lean Apple NYC

After the first clinical evaluation, the trainer works with the client on a specialized fitness program that begins with light work on balance, stability and strengthening.

The Printing House features state-of-the-art equipment, such as a dynamic calf machine that rotates the ankles in order to create mobility and strengthen calf and ankle muscles.

The Wave is a contraption that develops lateral leg movement, to compliment work done on the treadmill or StairMaster, which are more for building linear movement. Stretching and strengthening are done in a quiet room with stability balls, exercise mats and brightly colored elastic cords. All this usually adds up to about an hour of well-paced exercise under the supervision of a thoughtful certified trainer.

According to Maysonet, addressing nutrition is equally important in making fundamental lifestyle changes for larger-than-normal people.

“It is surprising how little some overweight people eat because their metabolism is so low that they don’t need much fuel for their sedentary lifestyle,” notes Maysonet. As he explains it, the nutritionist in the Printing House program establishes a healthier balance between eating habits and exercise, without starving the client.

Getting fit for spring is getting fit for life in the Lean Apple NYC program, in which the clients will find themselves craving exercise and a heightened endorphin state, rather than craving donuts. A fundamental metabolic and psychological change will take place for those enrolled in this program, and the cherry on the sundae is a free membership for one year at the Printing House Gym. Now what could be better for your sweet tooth!

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