Volume 77 / Number 28 - December 12 - 18, 2007
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A crowd of 3,000 people waited to get into the new Apple Store on W. 14th St. last Friday.

Letters to the Editor

Pols let prostitution slide

To The Editor:
While I applaud Christine Quinn, Scott Stringer and our other elected officials’ support of the L.G.B.T community, I am distressed that this support also blindly extends to the criminal element in that community. At the most recent Sixth Precinct Community Council meeting, it became clear that, because of these officials’ laissez faire policies on prostitution in the West Village, they are completely at odds with the residents who put them in office.

As Grey Elam, Ms. Quinn’s trusty aide, learned from the severe vocal drubbing she received when she tried to defend her boss, West Villagers are fed up with Quinn’s misplaced defense of the prostitutes who haunt the area and Ms. Quinn’s ridiculous flights of political correctness by insistently referring to them as “sex workers.”

Quinn’s approbation of their criminal behavior suggests that she views them as romantic characters out of some musical comedy like “Irma La Duce,” rather than as a danger to the community, excusing their responsibility for the many violent crimes they have committed in recent years.

I can only imagine that with her penchant for hyperbole, it will not be long before Ms. Quinn begins to refer to murderers as “death workers.”
Jay Matlick

Pigeon-feeding ban is cold

To The Editor:
Re “Feeding-ban bill has pigeons on a wing and a prayer” (news article, Dec. 5):

In light of Councilman Simcha Felder’s proposal to ban feeding pigeons, it’s worth remembering that it isn’t the pigeons’ fault that they’re here and they’re hungry. People brought pigeons to New York, set them free, and they have now added to the growing population of our urban wildlife.

Suddenly cutting off food for these animals that have grown to depend on human handouts is just as cruel as suddenly not feeding your dog and expecting him to somehow find his dinner on his own. Felder’s ban will leave pigeons to slowly starve to death in the coldest part of winter.

PETA supports humane ways of reducing the pigeon population, such as lacing pigeon food with OvoControl, a highly effective oral contraceptive that thins the number of birds by reducing their fertility.
Laura Brown
Brown is special projects liaison, Domestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue and Information Department, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Park renovation: Just say no

To The Editor:
Re “Washington Square Park renovation: Fiction vs. fact” (talking point, by Elizabeth Butson, Judy Paul, Maria Passannante Derr, Anne-Marie Sumner and Rocio Sanz, Nov. 21):

Which nine trees are at present scheduled to be removed? Large ones, no doubt — large, living beings the neighborhood loves. Naturally, that doesn’t count the numerous other trees that will be labeled “sick” and thus removed, as well.

Most everyone in the community is still against the renovation. For one thing, they say it will take two years. Malarkey! Do they mean two years for Phase I? And then they’ll waste more time raising more money, for what? N.Y.U.’s quad, or so they would have it.

All they need do is rebuild the restroom, repave the walkways and leave the rest alone.

Just repair it and let the vast majority of Washington Square Park stay open. I wouldn’t be surprised if N.Y.U. had designs on the underground area beneath the park.

What has N.Y.U. done for the community lately besides overwhelm it with thousands upon thousands of spoiled, drunken students?
Terese Coe

Couldn’t study in square

To The Editor:
Re “Don’t wreck White’s vision” (letter, by Wonderly White, Nov. 28):

I beg to disagree with Ms. White when she claims that N.Y.U. students do their work in Washington Square Park in the summer.

I spent many hours at N.Y.U.’s Bobst Library, overlooking the park, while studying for my Ph.D. Unfortunately, the high noise level of activities in the park, heard even in an air-conditioned enclosed space, was definitely not conducive to studious concentration.
Michelle Raccagni

Not at ‘Nighthawks’ site

To The Editor:
Re “M.T.A. tower and street-bed site options fan fears” (news article, Nov. 28):

Site P1, the so-called “tile-ringed parking lot,” is important for another reason. If I’m not mistaken, it was the location of the now-famous diner in Edward Hopper’s painting “Nighthawks” — the painting that’s been re-created with Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. The background is Greenwich Ave., Site P1. Enough said.
Joanne Milazzo

Moved by ‘Mosaic’ article

To The Editor:
Re “Hope for Jim Power’s public works” (arts article, Dec. 5):

Abby Luby wrote a great piece on the “Mosaic Man.” I have long treasured his work. I have been saving my broken china for him. Although he agreed a few years back to stop by and pick it up, he never did. Is there some place I could drop it off?
Cynthia Crane
Crane is chairperson, Mulry Angle/W. 11th St. Block Association

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