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Volume 77, Number 10 | August 08 - 14, 2007

“Not from Canada,” by Kevin Doyle

What’s on your Fringe list?

By Jennifer O’Reilly

When the annual New York Fringe Festival rolls around, sometimes it can be hard even for theater aficionados to sort through the endless sea of productions and pick out a few that are must-see. That’s why this year, we asked a sampling of downtown theater actors, producers, artistic directors, and directors to give us their picks for premium Fringe viewing when the festival opens this Friday. For show times and tickets, visit www.fringenyc.org.

Shannon Sindelar, Managing Director, Ontological Theater:

Not from canada by Kevin Doyle, artistic director, Sponsored By Nobody

“Sponsored by Nobody is a great group who I’m just recently becoming familiar with — they’re doing some politically-aware work that’s also pretty sensitive and smart.”

John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, book by William Peter Blatty

“Director Jeff Lewonczyk is a really detail-oriented and prolific director whose shows I always have a lot of fun at.”

Reagan Wilson, Executive Producer of The UndergroundZero Festival at Collective Unconscious and Spice!, a variety show at Mo Pitkins:

Princess Mimi: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Frog by Patrick Flynn

“I know one of the producers and she has an incredible imagination and puts a lot of detail into costumes and storytelling.”

Debargo Sanyal, actor “The Wikipedia Plays,” Ars Nova”:

PN.1923.45 LS01 Volume 2 (The Book Play) by Bixby Elliot and Susan Gets Some Play by Adam Szymkowicz

“Both plays are by fun writers and feature talented actors. Both also involve characters in search of sex. Oh, and the first is set in a library. And, as we all know, library sex is way hot... Not that I would know... I’ve just heard.”

John Levenson, actor and member of The Shakespeare Lab, The Public Theatre:
Better This Way by Deliberate Motion

“Deliberate Motion is a brand new company of young, passionate artists who use multimedia and colorful text to present epic themes and questions.”

Michael Ferrell, actor in “Love of a Pig” with The Cardinal Group and D.H. Johnson:

Bucharest Calling by Peca Stefan

“It stands out among a sea of gimmicky musicals that are hoping for a big break as a potential interesting story and perspective I wouldn’t otherwise get to see.”

Lights Rise on Grace by Chad Beckim

“Partial Comfort Productions continues to put out work with top-notch acting, writing, and production values while telling compelling stories and that is the essence of going to see theatre.”

Sasha Eden, Executive Producer/Creative Director of Women’s Expressive Theater:

A Beautiful Child by Truman Capote

“This play is being directed by a wonderful actress, Linda Powell. I don’t personally know her, but I have seen her work, and have been moved by her every time. She is top quality and super smart. It is always exciting to catch the work of an actress turned director. Plus, the play is about Marilyn Monroe and Truman Capote, two human beings who are endlessly intriguing.”

Kiss and Make Up by Fingers Crossed Productions, music by Mark Weiser, lyrics by Mark Weiser & Kevin Hammonds, book by Kevin Hammonds

“David Sabella Mills is a wonderful and renowned performer and voice teacher and Mark Weiser is a brilliant musical theater writer. I will see anything he writes. Great collaboration.”

Chekhov Jazz by Rebecca M. Quintet

“Sounds sexy and unique. Makes me want to cuddle up with my fiance, smoke cigarettes again and pretend I am in Paris for the night.”

Elephant in the Room! by Dan Fogler

“Dan Fogler is a comedic genius, and worth checking out always. I remember meeting him before “[The 25th Annual Putnam County] Spelling Bee,” and thought this guy has to break out soon, he is so brilliant. I will always support his work. Plus, the play is based on one of my all time favorite plays, “Rhinoceros,” by Ionesco. Bound to be funny and a little trippy.

I Dig Doug by Karen Diconcetto/Rochelle Zimmerman

“The play sounds like fun which is always valuable. Director Bert Royal’s work is layered, entertaining and a treat to catch live (he is busy becoming a big screenwriter).

Lights Rise on Grace by Chad Beckhim

“Chad Beckhim is one of the most talented new writers working Off-Broadway today. His work is dark, sexy and deeply provocative. Plus, he is the artistic director of the non-profit company Partial Comfort, a big favorite of mine. Chad values and understands the art of making new exciting theatrical productions. He is ambitious, gifted and always worth checking out.

Night by Philip Gerson

I read this play, and it raises a lot of interesting questions about love and mortality.  I loved the script. That is always special.

Susan Gets Some Play by Adam Szymkowicz

“Susan is a friend, and past collaborator of mine. I love her in everything and anything. She is always interesting, sparkly, and remarkably talented.  People should catch every show she is in now. She will undoubtedly be a big star soon, and you can say I saw her first at The Fringe Festival 07.”

Kristin Marting, Artistic Director, HERE

All Aboard by Armstrong/Bergeron Dance

“I like the idea of a multimedia dance on trains — it sounds like challenging fun.”

The Monkey Moo by Great World Amusement Center

“Who wouldn’t want to see an object theatre and original music piece set in 1920’s Shanghai?”

Princess Sunshine’s Bitter Pill of Truth Funhouse by Juliet Jeske

“I am a big fan of the skilled and imaginative Mark Lonergan and can’t wait to see his latest mixed media vaudeville work.”

Third Child: Orestes Revisited adapted by Maria Porter

“I am eager to see how Maria Porter, a very talented downtown physical theater artist, will treat this Greek myth.”

Leni by Sarah Greenman

“A new work on Leni Riefenstahl by Collaborative Play Productions. Leni is a very intriguing, legendary female artist and it should be fascinating to see how they treat her in this project.”

Lance Rubin, actor and creator, “The Lance and Ray Show,” People’s Improv Theater:

Williamsburg the Musical! by Nicola Barber, Will Brumley & Brooke Fox (Music by Kurt Gellersted, Lyrics by Brooke Fox)

“The title alone is full of potential, but more importantly previous music I’ve heard by writers Brooke and Kurt is super, straddling that line between musical theatre and rock.”

516 by Katharine Clark Gray

“I read this whole script when I was going to audition, but then I realized the show dates coincided with a family vacation. But the script was really exciting, sexy, dark, and brainy. I’d love to see it off the page.”

Kevin Doyle, Artistic Director, Sponsored by Nobody:

To Be Loved by Alex DeFazio

“Alex and (director) Jody are alumnus of Purchase College. Alex is an amazing playwright — I admired his writing in college. Jody is a director and worked with Alex back at Purchase. I’m looking forward very much to catching their play.”

Hillary Agonistes by Nick Salamone

“I am very interested in this because of their show description. I kind of like how they will handle the combination of characters onstage that they list — “Michael Bloomberg, Stephan Hawking, Pat Robertson and the AntiChrist” — that’s a lot of caricature on one stage.”

Williamsburg the Musical! by Nicola Barber, Will Brumley & Brooke Fox (Music by Kurt Gellersted, Lyrics by Brooke Fox)

“I am a native Brooklynite — and have watched in horror as all that was originally cool about Williamsburg in the 1990s has been destroyed. I am very curious if this musical only adds more fuel to the fire — or actually achieves some distance and commentary on the phenomenon. Is the musical only one more deeper level of co-option? Or does it lob a brick through the glass condo?

Christopher Lueck, Co-Producer, Downtown Clown Revue

Princess Sunshine’s Bitter Pill of Truth Funhouse by Juliet Jeske

“Juliet Jeske is a regular performer at the Clown Revue. I’m excited to see what she does in a full length show with her wacky, musical, characters. Also, her husband Joel Jeske is performing in the show and he is our Clown of The Year and received the Golden Nose Award last May.”

JOAN OF ARPpO by Gardi Hutter and Ferruccio Cainero

“This is performed by Swiss clown Gardi Hutter. I have never seen her work, but the show has high recommendations from international clown professionals

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