Here’s to holding hands
In some small town somewhere in this country a family is planning a trip to Lower Manhattan for the week of Sept. 11.

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Ira Blutreich


Why Varvatos was the best person to take over CBGB


Exposing the dirty facts behind the Soho BID plan
By Peter Davies
The revised plan for the Soho Business Improvement District, a costly scheme unanimously rejected by Community Board 2, remains filled with problematic proposals. While Councilmember Chin was able to convince the BID proponents to pull back on their proposal, the BID is still not a good plan for Soho. Questions presented to those promoting the BID — now renamed the Broadway Soho BID, a.k.a. the BS BID — have been left unanswered.


Serving West and East Village, Chelsea, SoHo, Hudson Square, NoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown and the Lower East Side

Photo by Jefferson Siegel

Villagers Karin Cook, left, and Robyn Selman, a couple for 11 years, stood waiting their turn to get married on Sunday, accompanied by a clutch of friends and three flowergirls, from left, Ella Weiner, their daughter Junie Cook-Selman and Leyla Kramarsky.

Marrying and making history
By Aidan Gardiner
Life is too often determined by the intermittent tragedies that occupy our attention. Last week a mass-murder’s vicious attack rocked Norway and a talented but reckless songstress died. Meanwhile, a hacking scandal continued to unravel in England. But on Sunday, New York did its part to grant the world a break from that march of awful news with one of those rarer moments of historic joy.

Alexis and Tico get married; Love endured every test

Board hits Esquina, but S.L.A. wasn’t in their corner
By Aidan Gardiner
At a recent Community Board 2 meeting, local residents railed against chic Nolita hot spot La Esquina in an effort to stymie its owners’ efforts to get the blessing of the board to renew its liquor license. Some attendees denounced the restaurant and its owners, highlighting the ongoing tensions between the community and the hip eatery.

Controversial cookie baker gone — or just on vacation?


C.B. 2, gay youth hash out issues on the waterfront
By Lincoln Anderson
A meeting of Community Board 2’s Waterfront Committee on Monday evening brought together gay youth and Village residents to discuss issues of safety and quality of life in and around the Christopher St. Pier.

C.B. 3 approves E.V. landmark plan at tense meeting
By Lesley Sussman
Community Board 3 managed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat Tuesday, finding a last-minute compromise that seemed to cap the tension between local religious leaders and preservation groups over the designation of two new East Village historic districts.

Chupi change dramatic as palazzo’s paint job fades
By Lincoln Anderson
When the black construction netting came off Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi four years ago, its vivid color sent a shock through the historic West Village. Some neighbors, feeling queasy at the building’s bright exterior, likened the hue to Pepto-Bismol.

Opera groups hitting sour note with park neighbors
By Aline Reynolds
Some Chinatown residents have had it with the loud, live music streaming out of Columbus Park on the weekends.

Response times same: E.M.S.


Thrills, baby, thrills!
Catch Kat Gang fever, and other fine fetes

Dwelling-place memories of a Hitler-era Berlin Jew
Installation takes you on literal, figurative tour of Manfred Nomburg’s living space.

Dig if you will a picture
Anthology Film looks back at ‘Me Decade’ musicals.

With 300 photographs, Exit Art begins to break the silence
Slavery is still an issue of the times.

REDD TALE’s hot little ‘summer of creation’
Redd Tale Theatre Company has carved out a nice little niche by taking the road less traveled when it comes to doing what’s been done before.

Just Do Art!

On the vanguard of musical progression, in the park

Playwright Penninno conceives something new

Sound and fury signifying something worth seeing

Summertime theater festivals are cool, fresh and HOT!

Queer theologian makes the case for (radical) love

The Art of Pride

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