9/11 and the mosque
The debate over the Islamic cultural center planned for Park Place made for a 9/11 anniversary last Saturday the likes of which have never been seen before. A day that is normally an occasion for solemn, dignified observance was filled with loud protests and counterprotests and all nature of believers, including extremists who descended on New York from who knows where.

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Angry Buddhist goes worshopping; Pray while you pay
By Carl Rosenstein
Just over a year after its star-studded opening in Soho that witnessed shopping groupies lined up lemming-like on Broadway for days, the London-based Topshop has unveiled a new marketing strategy — to address flagging sales due to the recession — that’s sending seismic waves through the fashion world.




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Photo by Q. Sakamaki

Protesters near Ground Zero at Saturday’s rally against the Park51 Islamic center project.

Raucous rallies about mosque dominate on 9/11 anniversary
By John Bayles and Aline Reynolds
Last Saturday marked the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. The day began, as did the eight previous anniversaries, with a solemn and respectful memorial event during which the names of those who perished on the tragic day were read over a loudspeaker.

Munchies man calls out police on ‘phony’ arrest
By Lincoln Anderson
A member of a family-owned business on the Lower East Side is accusing police of a double standard for falsely arresting him when he tried to return a cell phone but refusing to arrest a customer after he swiped one of the shop’s fancy stools.

A variety of voices about the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’
by Lincoln Anderson
Saturday’s protests both for and against the Islamic cultural center being planned for Park Place near Ground Zero brought out everyone from anti-abortion activists to atheists to a man walking around lugging a 12-foot-long wooden cross over his shoulder while handing out religious pamphlets. Everyone had something to say — actually, quite a lot to say.

Shining a light amid the angry debate over mosque
By Lincoln Anderson
There’s been an overabundance of loud, often ugly rhetoric about the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero. But last Thursday night, a video-and-art collective did something entirely different — words were involved, but they were presented silently.

School didn’t win big bucks, but ‘tent’ effort was worth it
By Bonnie Rosenstock
“Exhilarated and exhausted at the same time,” is how Mark Federman, East Side Community High School’s principal, described his 11 nights of camping outside in the school’s E. 12th St. alcove.

Ed Gold, C.B. 2 elder statesman, dies at age 84
By Albert Amateau
Ed Gold, a leading member of the Reform movement that wrested Democratic leadership from Carmine DeSapio 50 years ago and a member for more than 40 years of the community board that covers Greenwich Village, died Thurs., Sept. 9, at the age of 84.

Maloney, scanners register with voters in primary election
By Lincoln Anderson
For the first time in 18 years in Congress, Carolyn Maloney was tested in a Democratic primary election.

Seating, bikes…and bees

Telling the ‘Storah,’ starting anew at the water
A Rosh Hashana worship by the group Storahtelling offered a Torah interpretation with a theatrical twist at City Winery in Hudson Square.

From L.E.S. to Iraq and back, he’s ready for more
By Albert Amateau

Rockin’ around town; Knockin’ out a club wannabe
By Lincoln Anderson
Don Hill’s held its reopening party last Thursday night as it celebrated its operation under an expanded ownership.

Consensus on fare hike: ‘We’re being railroaded!’
By Jefferson Siegel
A proposed new round of fare hikes engendered reactions ranging from indignation to frustration in Cooper Union’s Great Hall Monday.



Please don’t call it a Fall Arts Preview
It’s more like an Autumn Roundup, OK?

Koch on Film
By Ed Koch

The A-List

Rapper-turned-singer leaves behind beats for band

Film Forum celebrates Astaire’s smooth moves
Joseph Papp, the best friend William Shakespeare ever had in New York City, left us in October 1991.


Age Is A State Of Mind
Through politics, activism, swimming & friends, 82-year old Ross Graham stays young

Sex Talk Eases Worries
By Angela Yeager
Men: Talk to mate, friends for better sex, not your doctor Women: It’s more complicated

A Life In Dark Humor
By Janel Bladow
Bite, wit & mayhem make Bill Plympton a funny guy

Marci’s Medicare Answers

Should You Wait To Retire?
By Edward A. Glenn
Time is money when it comes to deciding when to take Social Security

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