St. Vincent’s: The facts
As seen at last week’s meeting when officials from North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical System tried to describe their plan for a Greenwich Village urgent-care center, the anger over St. Vincent’s Hospital’s closing remains palpable.

Letters to the Editor

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Angry Buddhist’s recipe for a midsummer night’s war
By Carl Rosenstein
Weary of those gamey, eight-year-old wars in Iraq and Afghanistan leftover from the Bush/Cheney slaughterhouse? For Obomba here’s a fresh recipe on how to embark upon new and immoral wars. One of his own making, without partisan conflicts, say, against those Pakistani infidels, the oily English, those really ugly Iranians or hash-smoking Dutch. Wars to reaffirm U.S. machismo and remove doubts about the manhood of this executive.

Minetta Brook, Molotov cocktails, Soho lofts legalized and $57 rent

Dear ThriveNYC Reader,
With this issue, ThriveNYC enters its fifth year of publication.

Senior Summer School
Live & learn with a variety of classes
Thoughts of summer school usually aren’t very pleasant. Kids were sent to school during summer break because of poor grades or discipline problems. Once there, it was boredom city or so hot you couldn’t think even if you were so inclined. Worse, friends were off to camps hiking or pools swimming.

A Man of Passion
From fine food to chic design, Jean Denoyer has a zest for life

Do You Know Where Your Retirement Savings Are?

Marci’s Medicare Answers June 2010




Serving West and East Village, Chelsea, SoHo, Hudson Square, NoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown and the Lower East Side


St. Vincent’s postmortem: Why Village hospital died
By Lincoln Anderson
“It’s all true,” said Arthur Webb, the former chief operating officer of St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Neighbors take chops at N.Y.U. fourth-tower plan
By Albert Amateau
New York University’s proposal to build a fourth tower in the landmarked I.M. Pei-designed University Village superblock between Bleecker and West Houston Sts. brought nearly 300 Villagers to a Monday meeting on the project.

What’s in cards for Seward site? C.B. 3 is game
By Lesley Sussman
Members of Community Board 3’s Housing and Land Use Committee were told in no uncertain terms at a Mon., June 21, meeting that they needed to get their act together if anything was ever going to be done by the city to develop five parcels of land south of Delancey St. at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge that have remained vacant for more than 40 years.

Ambulances, E.R.’s scramble to deal with St. Vincent’s loss
By Lincoln Anderson
Regarding the impact of St. Vincent’s Hospital’s closure, there’s no denying there has been an increase in the number of patients local hospitals are seeing in their emergency departments.

Artists’ group sues to block rules on ‘expressive’ vending
By Albert Amateau
The Bloomberg administration has established new rules for vending “expressive matter” in sections of Union Square Park, Battery Park, the High Line and Central Park, but the steep reductions originally proposed for vending locations were eased in the version published Friday in the City Record.

White Sox hold off surging A’s to win championship



PRIDE 2010

Documentary brings Stonewall events back to life
By Warren Allen Smith
“Did Judy Garland’s death have something to do with it?” asked one of the ticket holders of the panel members following the national premiere of “Stonewall Uprising” on June 16.

My friends Roxy and Susanne: A 40-year love story
By Tim Gay
This is a love story about Roxy and Susanne. And it also includes Dorothy Kilgallen’s nephew Robbie, who was Susanne’s pseudo-husband in Hollywood, who later ran the Candle Shop on Christopher St., and even later was one of my trysts, but that was before I accidentally knocked down Roxy and Susanne’s wall.

The forgiveness test; Trying to heal an open wound

FIERCE fights on: Ten years of youth organizing
By Ellen Vaz, Rudy Rosado and Ash Hammond
On Sunday, June 27, thousands upon thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people from across the country and, in some cases, from around the world, will converge on New York City’s West Village.

What a drag: Tombs transsexual to ’84 Madonnathon
By Cynthia Romero
Three drag shows featured in this year’s Pride lineup offer a little something for the diva in all of us.


The Village waterfront will always remain in vogue

Classic Pride: Eliminate hate

It’s gettin’ warm in here

Making some noise about the Christopher St. Pier
Interviews and photos by Lilly O’Donnell
A safe haven, ‘glamorous stage’ and place to unwind.

Paying homage to blue films on a granular level
By Bonnie Rosenstock
Artist Wayne Coe was spotted on Third Ave. between 12th and 13th Sts. one day early last month creating his site-specific sand painting on this East Village sidewalk. Coe’s Manhattan Sand Painting Project takes him all over the city, leaving beautiful, handcrafted, evanescent artwork that celebrates the era of performance porn.

Outreach program and van target at-risk gay youth
By Gabriel Zucker
The fact that Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, a medical services center for L.G.B.T. patients, has received Title X funds to help prevent unwanted pregnancies might elicit a double take for many people.


The Art of Pride
Compiled by Scott Stiffler
Entertaining and enlightening events with a lavender hue.

Quentin Crisp in Black and White

Pause to praise a playwright named (Wendy) Beckett
By Jerry Tallmer
Theatrical snapshot of photographer reveals ‘what makes a revolutionary.’

Helen Hunt to briefly stage manage ‘Our Town’

Joan Rivers: Hardest Working Man in Show Business? 

Celeb Autobios Get Good and Gay

Koch on Film
By Ed Koch


Volunteers are a key ingredient for soup kitchen
By Robert Kreizel
Mother Teresa once said, “We sometimes feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

Making CERTain they’re ready in case of emergency

‘It’s just the way I am’; Quality of life is her life

Helping preserve a piece of the real East Village

Sidewalk astronomer scopes out a favorite corner
By Lincoln Anderson 
Giving passersby a free peek at the heavens — and an expert description of what they’re looking at — Jeffrey Jacobs is proud to call himself a sidewalk astronomer.

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