Re-elect Bloomberg
Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s push for the chance to run for re-election in defiance of two voter referenda on term limits was troubling and anti-democratic. But the courts upheld his move in the City Council, and as we have said before, we don’t think the term-limit issue is enough by itself to vote against a candidate. The bottom line is it would hurt the city not to vote for the best candidate.

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Build stuff. Then leave. Our new Afghan mission
By Ted Rall
Eight years into the longest war in American history, we’ve learned what doesn’t work in Afghanistan. What will?
More troops won’t help. But neither will the prescription now being floated in Washington: maintaining bases of small commando units that could be called upon to wage covert counterinsurgency operations across the border in Pakistan.



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Serving West and East Village, Chelsea, SoHo, NoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown and the Lower East Side

Villager photo by Elisabeth Robert

Mayor Bloomberg on Tuesday at a ceremony at the memorial for slain police officers in Battery Park City. Added to the memorial were the names of 10 officers who worked on the pile at the World Trade Center after 9/11 and have died in the years since.

Only some school issues are for parents, Bloomberg says 
By Julie Shapiro
Parents do not need a role in decisions like new school sites or school zoning, Mayor Mike Bloomberg told The Villager last Friday.

.nyc cyber struggle pits local pioneer vs. city and Koch, too
By Lincoln Anderson 
New York City last week announced its plan to buy the .nyc top-level domain — despite the fact that an East Village Internet guru says he invented .nyc, and that his company has owned it for the last 13 years.

Mike claims that his powers are limited at W.T.C.
By Josh Rogers
Mayor Mike Bloomberg told The Villager Friday that “things I am responsible for” at the World Trade Center are moving well, and added that officials have no choice but to offer a good deal to W.T.C. developer Larry Silverstein.


Miriam Friedlander, councilmember who helped voiceless, 95
By Lincoln Anderson
Miriam Friedlander, the outspoken, firebrand Democrat who represented the East Village and Lower East Side in the City Council during some of the area’s most turbulent years, from 1974 to 1991, died at New York University Medical Center on Sun., Oct. 4. She was 95.

Quinn’s no ‘lap dog,’ should be speaker, Mike tells Villager
By Patrick Hedlund 
As mayoral endorsements continue to stack up a little more than three weeks before the election, the silence of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has been deafening.

Tears flow for a son and brother on Lower East Side

Pie eaters really packed ’em in on St. Mark’s Place

The cat on the hat
It’s not everywhere that you’ll see a cat on a hat on a man walking around on bustling streets. But that’s exactly what Charlie, 43, and Nicholas, 2, do on Broadway near Spring St. in Soho.

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She’s good. She’s Italian. She’s somebody’s daughter.
By Jerry Tallmer
Everybody has – or had — a mother; but as for mothers and daughters, only Antoinette LaVecchia has Antoinette LaVecchia’s mother. At the moment, LaVecchia is sitting alone in her apartment — her divorced apartment — trying to create a character named Professor Donna DiPippio, who has some advice on how to start being a good Italian (more precisely, good Italian-American) daughter.

Our advice? See Ivey as Landers.
By Scott Harrah
Ann Landers, who died in 2002, wasn’t the first newspaper columnist to give advice in print —but her open-minded views on everything from women’s rights to lighter topics like the proper way to hang toilet paper made her the most groundbreaking.

Long before Oprah, Ann Landers gave good advice
By Scott Harrah
Judith Ivey gives one of the best performances of her career as the late advice columnist Ann Landers. Although she superbly recreates the Chicago-based legend — from the nasal Midwestern accent to the elegant, ultra-feminine mannerisms —Ivey’s razor-sharp delivery of the columnist’s folksy one-liners makes this performance more than just one of skilled mimicry.

Book shines light on NYC’s underappriciated locales
By Paula Rosenberg
It’s fitting that Judith Stonehill lives in a historically protected house in the West Village. “New York’s Unique and Unexpected Places”— her latest book — hit the shelves last week. 

Koch on Film
By Ed Koch
“An Education” (+) On a Sunday afternoon, attending a 2:30 p.m. screening at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14, I found a near packed house that was sold out when the lights went down.
“The Damned United” (-) I was drawn to this movie primarily by the presence of the lead actor, Michael Sheen, who did such a wonderful job portraying Tony Blair in “The Queen,’ and David Frost in “Frost/Nixon.” 

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