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Change for the park
After the second effort to redevelop Pier 40 sunk just a few months ago, previously heard grumblings about the Hudson River Park Trust’s board of directors grew louder.

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alking Point
I believe in magic: Some thoughts for the new year
By Arthur Z. Schwartz
I turned 55 in 2008. Yet the events of the year made me feel a whole lot younger, and a whole lot more hopeful about the world my children are growing into. Perhaps it has something to do with memories. Perhaps it has something to do with dreams and magic. 

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Last chance to shoe Bush doesn’t get any traction

Rolling forward with Obama, cyclists log inaug ride

Grannies urge Obama to keep ‘promise’ to end war

Jews call for Israel to end assault on Gaza Strip


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Local school children erupted in cheers at City Hall as they watched Barack Obama being inaugurated.

From pubs to clubs to City Hall, Obama-mania sweeps Downtown
By Albert Amateau, Candida L. Figueroa, Josh Rogers and Lincoln Anderson
It was all Obama on Tuesday morning when gatherings celebrating the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States flourished in Downtown Manhattan.

Hoping for designation détente
By Albert Amateau
The Community Board 3 Landmarks Committee decided last week to continue efforts to have the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in the East Village designated as a city landmark and to help locate funding for the financially troubled church.

Arthur Webb to be C.O.O. of St. Vincent’s Hospital
By Albert Amateau
Arthur Webb, president and chief executive officer of Village Care of New York, will resign on Feb. 9 to become chief operating officer of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village.


Oh baby! Local family was on a wing and a prayer in plane crash
By Lincoln Anderson
Among the most gripping stories of the miraculous crash-landing of a passenger jet in the Hudson River last Thursday was of a young mother balancing on the plane’s submerged wing and clutching a baby, while passengers frantically screamed at her to “Throw the baby!”

Ad firm tries to help sell megagarage alternative
By Albert Amateau
Hudson Square community leaders last week enlisted a heavyweight ally in their fight to convince the Bloomberg administration to accept an alternative to the three-district Department of Sanitation garage proposed for the UPS site on Spring St.

Cuomo has cure for medical-insurance billing scam
By Jefferson Siegel
On Tues., Jan 13, at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Greenwich Village, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced a $50 million settlement with UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation’s largest medical insurance companies.

A phone, shouts, a murder and an enduring mystery
The year was 1990, and there were, on average, six killings per day in New York City. The murder rate, which began rising in 1963, and had crept steadily higher in the years that followed, crested in 1990 at 2,245.

Villager Arts & Lifestyles

Judith Malina resrects a living classic
It was in 1959 or maybe ’58 – “Don’t ask me the number, I’m no good at numbers,” says Judith Malina – that a young man stood at the door of her and husband Julian Beck’s West End Avenue apartment with a sheaf of paper he thrust at Julian.

Tennesee Williams’s love letter to romantics
All over the world, wherever the GI’s went in World War II, there Kilroy went too. He was a doodle, a few lines portraying a long-nosed comic-book face peering over a fence, a wall, a tank, a blasted sniper’s nest, or any other available surface. And under that face, three words only: “KILROY WAS HERE.”

Monster entertainment
Adapting a Hollywood blockbuster movie into a Broadway stage musical is never an easy task.

Koch on Film
By Ed Koch

Beneath the surface
When I was five, and we were lined up to head out to recess, I found out my best friend had made plans to play with someone else.

Reborn House of Yes feeling positive on their new show
By J.B. Nicholas
“Show me your gold and I’ll show you my girls!”


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January 21 - 27, 2009


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