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The new landscape 
In recent years, development — and typically community opposition to it — has been one of the leading stories. But, more recently, development had already been slowing down severely and then the financial crisis struck.

Letters to the Editor

Talking Point
Hey, New York, please stop sending us your pols 
By Mike Mosedale 
The recent tsunami of bad news has left the American public with too many dismal matters to contemplate. The world hates us. The financial system has morphed into a giant Ponzi scheme that makes the Madoff operation look like a three-card monte hustle. And there is not enough canned tuna to see everyone through the Mad Max-esque meltdown that appears to be barreling our way.

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Villager photo by Elisabeth Robert

Doris Diether at her 80th birthday party, held at Judson Memorial Church last Saturday evening.

The motion is unanimous: Doris, C.B. 2 grande dame, is the tops
By Albert Amateau
It was Doris Diether Day last Satur-day when more than 100 of her friends, neighbors and colleagues in the Village and beyond came to her birthday bash on a snowy evening at Judson Memorial Church.

They really dig the idea of new Center for Nursing


N.Y.U. will provide school space…just no time soon
By Heather Murray
New York University does not have any space available right now for a new public school in Community Board 2 that would help alleviate current overcrowding, an N.Y.U. representative said this week.

Bridge, brides bottlenecks raise Chatham Square scare
By Albert Amateau
Chinatown neighbors at the Chatham Square Redesign Task Force meeting on Monday did their best to point out flaws in the unpopular project — but time is running out.

Throwing the bomb in East River Park as Giants bomb

Mulch ado about chipping up those Christmas trees

Villager Arts & Lifestyles

Tennesee Williams’s love letter to romantics
All over the world, wherever the GI’s went in World War II, there Kilroy went too. He was a doodle, a few lines portraying a long-nosed comic-book face peering over a fence, a wall, a tank, a blasted sniper’s nest, or any other available surface. And under that face, three words only: “KILROY WAS HERE.”

Monster entertainment
Adapting a Hollywood blockbuster movie into a Broadway stage musical is never an easy task.

The screen shines with ‘Silent Light’
Avoiding all the usual cues of conventional Hollywood dramas, inviting the viewer to push closer – and think deeper – about the hearts being broken on the screen.

Comedic waves
Said Ellen Terry, age 17, to Alfred Tennyson, age 55: “Oh Lord! Lord! Lord!”

Koch on Film
By Ed Koch


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January 14 - 20, 2009


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