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Obama makes history
Tuesday night, Barack Obama won a truly historic victory — a resounding, inspiring, uplifting and heartening victory — over John McCain. In doing so, he has recaptured the White House for the Democrats after eight, long, disastrous years of our country under George W. Bush.

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Ira Blutreich


Eye in the sky: Does religion make people nicer?
By Ronald Bailey
In his new movie, “Religulous,” comedian Bill Maher makes wicked fun of the religiously credulous.


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Fired up and ready to go!
Echoing one of Barack Obama’s campaign slogans, though probably not consciously, a Critical Mass cyclist last Friday evening twirled fire before the group’s Halloween ride.

‘Life is just…nice now!’ Obama wins after huge turnout at polls
By Lincoln Anderson, Isabel Wilkinson and Jefferson Siegel
They were yelling and whooping into their cell phones on Dominick St. in Soho.

Board asks H.P.D. to take extra look at Extra Place
By Daniella Carelli
Neil Cardi was walking down E. First St. between Second Ave. and the Bowery, when he stopped. He was wearing a worn-out rocker T-shirt and black skeleton biker gloves, complete with trench coat slung over his shoulders. Standing by the small, cul de sac in midblock, he sneaked a smirk at the grimy, graffiti-covered walls and scraps of trash that decorated the obscure alley.

Radical priest resigns, then later rethinks, but is rejected
By Mary Reinholz
Father Frank Morales has received a letter from the Right Reverend Mark S. Sisk, Episcopal bishop of New York.

Coney Island comes to Soho with artwork and photos
By Casey Samulski
A piece of New York’s past is on display at the Puffin Room in Soho.

In another stroke for preservation, a former paint factory is protected
By Albert Amateau
The Landmarks Preservation Commission last week designated a 125-year-old former West Village paint factory as a New York City landmark.

Parents fear Foundling school will be overcrowded
By Diane Vacca
The School Construction Authority presented preliminary plans for a new School District 2 primary school week that will occupy the first six floors of the New York Foundling Hospital.

Villager Arts & Lifestyles

Expect the unexpected
By Scott Harrah
Legendary British film auteur Ken Russell – the Oscar-nominated director of “Women in Love,” “Tommy,” “The Boy Friend,” “Altered States” and countless cult movies – has directed many operas in the United Kingdom, but at age 81, he’s never tackled a stage play – until now.

Keeping their heads above water
Your name is Moss. How do you know your name is Moss? You don’t know how you know, you just do.

Cultural nuptials
I, the Culture Project of New York Off-Broadway theater, take thee, Judson Memorial Church, to be my lawfully wedded partner, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health ...

Mamet revival rings relevant
By Scott Harrah
Twenty years ago, the biggest buzz about David Mamet’s “Speed-the-Plow” was Madonna’s casting in the show at the pinnacle of her career. This outstanding revival is now mostly a showcase for Neil Pepe’s razor-sharp directing and superb acting by TV stars Jeremy Piven from “Entourage”, Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” and the marvelously prolific stage actor Raul Esparza, giving the best performance of his career to date.

Peter Mac goes over the rainbow
Judy Garland was one of the biggest stars in the world until her death in 1969 at the age of 47. Then she became larger than life.

The cyberworld’s a stage
There are those who think of the Internet as an isolating influence, a virtual world that gets in the way of meaningful human interaction.

Setting ‘Sons’
By Scott Harrah
“All My Sons” isn’t as renowned as Arthur Miller’s other classic plays. The tragic story, originally produced in 1947, right after World War II, has volumes to say about war and people who profit from it, making “Sons” somewhat timely.

The torturous days of their lives
By Scott Harrah 
Chekhov are a proverbial acquired taste, and this uneven revival of “The Seagull” from Britain’s Royal Court Theatre is no exception. 

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