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New hope at W.T.C.?
So the World Trade Center site completion dates are wrong, there’ll be more delays, and what’s needed now is for all of the players to sit down in a room and make the tough choices to get things going.

Letters to the Editor


Authority should be zapped for Pier 40’s sorry state
By Bill Hine
And Robert Smith
With limited financial assistance from the state and city, the Hudson River Park Trust needs major funding to stabilize Pier 40, a 15-acre structure with the potential to become the outstanding recreational facility of the park.

Meetings: Grand path; Grand green ideas at enviro town hall


Gay Pride shines through even in the pouring rain

‘May equality live long and prosper’

Lions and monkeys and mice, oh my

NYC Elite


New York Locksmith

Greenwich Village Apartment Rentals



Serving West and East Village, Chelsea, SoHo, NoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown and the Lower East Side

Getting the message across with pop art and spray paint
By Lucas Mann
You can call him Clark Clarken or Clark Clark or, most simply, just Clark. Whichever way, the artist behind the “VOTE” graffiti campaign does not want you to know his real last name. After all, even though Clark’s art is a passionate political effort, graffiti is still illegal. That mere fact has not stopped him, though.

A dogfight over an ‘unofficial’ dog run pits vet versus board
By Gabriel Zucker
“When I first came down here, it was like ‘Night of the Living Dead’,” chuckled Calvin Knight, a Masaryk Towers resident who has spent 15 years cleaning up and maintaining a lot on Stanton St. for use as a community dog run.

How much of N.Y.U. superblock to landmark is issue
By Albert Amateau
There was no opposition at the Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing last week to landmarking New York University’s Silver Towers complex, the three 1966 residential buildings designed by I.M. Pei for the superblock formally known as University Village.



Local pols trash fast Gansevoort M.T.S. deal
By Albert Amateau
West Side legislators were outraged at the agreement to build a marine transfer station for recyclable trash on the Gansevoort Peninsula that Mayor Bloomberg reached on June 24 with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Retail report and film focus on fighting formula stores
New York City zoning regulations currently allow chain stores to move in as of right and offer no protection to small businesses from rising rent, rising wholesale prices and a declining customer base.

East Village tailor getting ready to say sew long
By Bonnie Rosenstock
This month, Michael Alter is reaching two milestones. First, July 2 is his 65th birthday, the age of retirement. Second, on June 30, the lease on his tailor shop at 159 Second Ave. at Stuyvesant St. expired. Alter, who has worked out of this location for the last 10 years — he had a dry-cleaning shop on Second Ave. and Fourth St. for 19 years that he sold in 2000 — is ready to pack it in.

Parks attunes musicians to a new policy, or not?
By Gabriel Zucker
Washington Square was one of Bob Dylan’s favorite spots for playing folk music in the 1960s. But the times they are a-changin’, as saxophonist Justin Wood recently discovered when he tried to play his saxophone in the park.

From gravy to groovy: ‘Hair’ to rock Meat Market
For at least one day this summer, the hippies will replace the yuppies in the Meatpacking District.

City restores 60 percent of funds for NYCHA centers
By Lesley Sussman
The gray rage continued on Sunday as more than 200 senior citizens and others affected by cuts in the New York City Housing Authority budget braved the inclement weather to show up for the second time in two weeks on the steps of City Hall to protest NYCHA’s threatened closing of many senior citizen and community centers located in public housing.


Villager Arts & Lifestyles

More than skin deep
By Adrienne Urbanski
Writer Neil Labute is known for depicting the cruelty and heartless nature of male sexuality in his work, as evidenced by the philandering and vengeful men in his screenplays “In the Company of Men” and “Your Friends and Neighbors.”

Marriage musings
Those freshly hitched same-sex couples in California sure seem like a blissful bunch.

The revolutionaries revisited
By Ernest Barteldes
After chronicling his many travels through Brazil and paying homage to his former Lower East Side neighbors, artist and musician Michael Rimbaud has sought inspiration in 18th century historical figures for “Revolutions,” his new show at L’ Orange Bleue, the Soho restaurant that also doubles as art space, hosting art shows from local artists on a regular basis.

Koch on Film and Food
“Mongol” (+) and Restaurant Review: Covo (+)

A prodigy of will
Then as now, beliefs were suspect, and many deemed guilty by association. Constitutional tenets and the rule of law, as today, were mocked and trampled.

Volume 78, Number 5
JUNE 25 - JULY 1, 2008


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