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Volume 77 / Number 32
Jan. 9 - 15, 2008

Hudson River Park: A name that works
The name Hudson River Park has always been just fine with everybody. It perfectly describes and locates the 5-mile-long Lower West Side waterfront park between Chambers and W. 59th Sts.






Know thyself: Personal information in the Google Age
By Katherine Mangu-Ward
The irritatingly vague Oracle at Delphi famously exhorted seekers of wisdom: “Know thyself.” Easy to say, hard to do. At least, it used to be. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, about half of Americans have gotten a little closer to knowing themselves by typing their names into Google, according to a survey out from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

News Briefs

With dollar down, euromania sweeps Downtown

Tim-ber-rrr! Chainsaws roar in Washington Square

Taking the heat off the street

Real pine scent!


Marion Purvey, 85, one super who really was super
By Albert Amateau
Marion Purvey, the beloved super of a residential building on W. Fourth St., where she lived for more than 50 years, and a former Board of Elections poll watcher in the Village, died at home on Dec. 22 at the age of 85.

Roseann Morledge, 73, lifelong Villager who taught at P.S. 41
By Albert Amateau
Roseann Morledge, a lifelong Village resident who taught for 30 years at P.S. 41, died on Wed., Dec. 12, in her home on Prince St. at the age of 73. She had been diagnosed with diabetes and died of complications of the condition, according to her son, Dr. L. J. Morledge.


Villager photo by Robert Kreizel

The cruelest cut
Cinco, 5, was not feeling so chipper after his family’s Christmas tree disappeared into the big orange machine at Mulchfest at Tompkins Square Park last weekend. Cinco had handpicked and helped cut down the tree at a farm near Ludlow, Vt. He was comforted by his dad, right, and a Parks Department employee. Hundreds of trees were mulched at the Tompkins site.

Cyclists say city must shift gears on street safety in ’08
By Jefferson Siegel
A somber procession made its way through four boroughs on Sunday as bicyclists participated in the Third Annual Memorial Ride and Walk to honor New York City cyclists and pedestrians killed in 2007.

Dog run reopening is set fur this May
The Tompkins Square Park dog run is currently undergoing a $350,000 renovation, $30,000 of which was funded privately by the dog run group.

St. Vincent’s gets operating; Plans are filed at Landmarks
By Albert Amateau
St. Vincent’s Hospital has filed applications with the Landmarks Preservation Commission for approval of plans for a new hospital building and the Rudin Development’s residential redevelopment of the hospital’s current main campus.

Final fountain info a no-flow
By Lincoln Anderson
On Tuesday evening, Councilmember Alan Gerson said he still did not have a final answer on whether the cost of moving the Washington Square fountain 20 feet to the east would be excessive or justified. He said he would have an answer on Wednesday.

9th is honored to get honorary member’s ’30s photo
Susan Leibowitz, her husband, David Yalovsky, and their son, Josh Yalovsky, 13, traveled from their home in Montreal last week to present a copy of a photograph to the Ninth Precinct that her late father had left behind.

Hudson Square rezoning idea circles around one more time
By Albert Amateau
A group of developers who hope to convert a commercial building to residential use in the north end of Hudson Square are seeking the rezoning of five and a half blocks to allow residential development in what is now a manufacturing zone.


When a light on the Lower East Side blinks out
By Abby Luby
People talk about Carlucci Bencivenga as if he were still living.
The infamous and prolific Lower East Side artist had the tantalizing charisma of a celebrity and the warmth of a caring friend. For fifteen years Bencivenga was the creative guardian angel of the neighborhood, the guy who pulled artists together, befriended and looked out for them, organized performances, shows, and protests.

Koch On Film
By Ed Koch
“Juno” (-) Many showings of this film have sold out. Apparently it is a crowd pleaser, but I found it to be an empty movie.
“The Great Debaters” (+) From the very first scene in this movie the audience roots for one debate team, even as it is forming, as well we should in the context of fairness.

Poet Edward Field still standing ‘After the Fall’
By Stephen Wolf
For a half century now poet Edward Field has wound around his Greenwich Village streets not as the relic portrayed in his self-effacing poem, “The Last Bohemians,” but rather as a productive, enduring treasure of an American poet with a clear and purposeful concern.

Eno at his most illuminating
By Sarah Norris
In the fifth and final play in Will Eno’s new collection, “Oh, the Humanity and Other Exclamations,” a nameless character steps onstage and is asked to identify himself. “You’re probably going to laugh,” the young man in torn blue jeans says, “But, I’m the beauty of things.” He takes a step closer to the audience and continues: “Just to let you know, I don’t possess any secret knowledge or any glimpse into anything.”

Winter Jazzfest heats up again
By Andrey Henkin
Traditionally, American jazz festival season happens during the balmier months, the better to attract short-wearing listeners to cities like New Orleans and Los Angeles. But every January since 2005, a one-day event in New York packs the festival punch, with warmer clothing definitely required.

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