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Volume 77, Number 24
November 14 - 20, 2007


M.T.A. fare hike can take a hike for now
With the Metropolitan Transportation Authority beginning a series of town hall hearings last week to sell its proposed fare hike to the public, it faces an uphill battle convincing riders, politicians and transportation advocates that this is a good time for raising the cost of a subway or bus ride.

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Talking Point

Koch should have dusted off his forgotten notebook
By Ed Gold
Ed Koch, of course, has a perfect right to serve as cheerleader for St. Vincent’s new hospital plan, but it would have been more helpful if he had taken the time to talk to some of the community activists who have raised serious questions about the current proposal.

Talking turkey: Buying a bird at an old-time butcher
By Wickham Boyle 
A man shouts at me over the counter, “O.K., so you are a 24-26, right?”


I Luv U and other things you shouldn’t text message
By Allison Gumahad
I was his first real girlfriend, and everything was new to him. He was terrified of relationships, and still learning how to be a boyfriend.


Fred McDarrah, 81, photographer of Beat Generation
Fred W. McDarrah, the super-prolific Village-based photographer who died at home in his sleep on the night of his 81st birthday.

Norman Mailer, 84, the typo, temper and the talent
As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport.


Fitness coach pounds winning attitude into booters
By Judith Stiles
When former police officer Gregory Vicenty was shot in the back in 1984 during a drug sting operation in Santurce, Puerto Rico, he thanked his lucky stars for the protective gear he wore that day, because he did not die.

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Villager photo by Jefferson Siegel

As Mayor Bloomberg entered P.S. 19 on First Ave. on Nov. 5 to announce the new school report cards evaluation system, he was greeted with a handshake by Principal Ivan Kushner and applause by school staffers and teachers.

New report cards get mixed grades from parents, schools
By Albert Amateau
“For the first time we’re grading schools ‘A,’ ‘B,’ ‘C,’ ‘D’ or ‘F,’ and we’re letting parents and school educators know about them,” said Mayor Bloomberg at the Oct. 7 news conference with Schools Chancellor Joel Klein at P.S. 19 in the East Village.

From bullets on the beach to pigeons on St. Mark’s
By Lorcan Otway
Mike Amico spends a lot of time sitting in front of the building in which he lives on St. Mark’s Pl., feeding pigeons, complimenting pretty women, missing his beautiful wife, and telling younger folks what things were like when...

Clowns are in stitches over safer-style bike lane
By Jefferson Siegel
On Nov. 3, the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clown Brigade celebrated New York City’s first Copenhagen-style bike lane, on Ninth Ave. between 16th and 23rd Sts., with a Bike Lane Liberation Ride.

C.B. 2 shoots down McKenna’s request for support

Police feared Pier 57 toxins during R.N.C., reports show
By Chris Lombardi
As lawsuits proceed in the case of protesters hauled in to Pier 57 during the 2004 Republican National Convention, more than 42 reports filed by New York Police Department officers on the scene indicate they, too, felt they were exposed to diesel dust, harsh solvents, black oil and asbestos.

How a library can still stack up in Internet-Starbucks age
By Phil Schillaci Kropoth
Once upon a time, Jefferson Market Branch Library had all the answers. Within the building’s beautiful Victorian architecture and stained glass windows, the only sounds were that of pages being turned by curious a readers blowing through an encyclopedia or a reference book..

‘It’s about fairness’: Striking scribes picket at piers
Last Wednesday, striking members of the Writers’ Guild of America/East brought their picket line to Chelsea Piers, where the TV series “Law & Order” is filmed.

Trying to reclaim Chinatown’s streets and parking
By Albert Amateau
About 100 Chinatown and Little Italy residents told traffic officials and John Liu, chairperson of the City Council Transportation Committee, about parking problems in their neighborhoods at a Nov. 7 joint meeting of the Community Board 2 Chinatown and Transportation Committees.

Polo players, kids keep park from going to the dogs
By Matt Townsend 
When a bike polo league started two years ago in the Lower East Side’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park, the polo players often sparred with local kids over who got to use a flat space of blacktop called “the pit.”

Plastic fantastic bag plan


Reverend Billy’s traveling salvation show
If you want to give someone you love a present this holiday season, take them to see “What Would Jesus Buy?” The new documentary from producer Morgan Spurlock, of “Super Size Me” fame, makes the most compelling case for consumption reduction I’ve seen since my last MasterCard statement.

Stoppard and the power chords of revolution
The human brain, says tough old pragmatic Max Morrow in Tom Stoppard’s glowing “Rock ’n’ Roll,” is a kind of pinball machine. “If it wasn’t for the merely technical problem of understanding how it works, we could make one out of beer cans. It would be the size of a stadium, but it would sit there, going: ‘I think, therefore I am.’ ”

This freak flag has already flown
By Jennifer O’Reilly
The Amoralist Theater Company’s production of “The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side” is a play about what happens when a group of free-love sixties children have to deal with the realities of a free-market world and a society that is less accepting of them than they are of it.

Turning Japanese
Culture clash in ‘Drum of the Waves of Horikawa’
The similarities between the refined art of traditional Japanese Kabuki theater and ’70s punk rock might not be obvious, but Theater of a Two Headed Calf’s production of “Drum of the Waves of Horikawa” explores the parallels between the two. The result is an incredibly innovative work, exploding with adultery, nudity, beheadings, and sword fighting.

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