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Volume 76, Number 36 Jan. 31 - Feb. 6, 2007

Talking Point
Lawsuits, not politicians, will save Wash. Sq. Park
By Jonathan Greenberg
Thank you for last week’s sober, evenhanded editorial in The Villager about Washington Square Park.

Police Blotter


Scoopy's Notebook

Ira Blutreich


Norman Buchbinder, 84, a leader in two local BID’s
By Lincoln Anderson
Norman Buchbinder, a principal in Buchbinder & Warren real estate management and brokerage company, died Jan. 20 at his Upper West Side home at age 84. He had been in failing health.

Michael Van Meter, 44, Ridiculous Theater member
By Albert Amateau
Michael Van Meter, a Village resident and member of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company in 1995 and ’96, died Jan. 12 at his home on Morton St. at the age of 44.

In Pictures

Shopping carts gone wild
The Fourth Annual Idiotarod, New York’s answer to Alaska’a grueling dog-sled race, was held Saturday, with this year’s surprise, last-minute route going from Greenpoint Park to Long Island City.

Villager photo by Jefferson Siegel

Attorney Ron Kuby with Hells Angels at Tuesday’s press conference. Brendan Manning, the E. Third St. Angels’ president, with long blond hair, is to the right of Kuby.

Hells Angels deny connection to beaten woman outside club
By Albert Amateau and Mary Reinholz
About 18 hours after a woman was found severely beaten on Sunday night Jan. 28 on the sidewalk near the Hells Angels clubhouse on E. Third St., police armed with automatic weapons and a search warrant entered the premises and took five members for questioning.

Board members: Tower commits sin of too much height
By Albert Amateau
The Community Board 4 Landmarks Task Force and Chelsea Preservation and Planning Committee voted last Wednesday to reject the General Theological Seminary’s proposed 15-story, brick-and-glass luxury residential project on Ninth Ave.

Meter’s ticking down on 5th C.O.
By Josh Rogers
Word on the street is that Deputy Inspector Michael Lau is being pushed out as Fifth Precinct commanding officer because police brass thought that as the C.O. he was too tough on the illegal police parkers on Mott St.

Space cadets’ look to stars at new learning center
By Brooke Edwards
It looks nothing like your ordinary classroom.
Stars hang from the ceiling of Room 100 at Corlears Junior High on the Lower East Side. There is a giant flight simulator projected onto a 3-foot half-dome in the corner.

Arts and Entertainment

An immigrant’s tale, as told by vacuum cleaners
By Vivienne Leheny
There’s a standard narrative about the New York immigrant experience, and it goes something like this: desperate immigrant flees a politically, economically and/or culturally oppressive homeland, makes the difficult journey to America, and is beset by tragedy and loss along the way.

The either/or of Antigone, then and now
By Jerry Tallmer
Sophocles gave us “Antigone” early in the 4th century B.C.  Ireland’s Nobel Prizewinner Seamus Heaney gave us “The Burial at Thebes,” his poetic current-vernacular translation of “Antigone,” early in the 21st.

Out of the shadows
By Andrey Henkin
Most documentaries follow one of two formulas: someone starting from nothing who gets everything or someone starting from nothing who gets everything and then loses it all. Neither scenario really addresses the complexities of the life of composer Billy Strayhorn.


In girls basketball league, it’s all about the team
By judith stiles
It was not a coincidence when opponents, both with shirt number 15, finished a double-overtime basketball game, scoring almost all the points for their respective teams. And it wasn’t surprising that neither girl received an M.V.P. award or special accolades for their great play, after the game at the Greenwich Village Youth Council’s Girls Basketball League at P.S. 41.


High school is rocked by Trump’s pile driving
By Brooke Edwards
Since last month, more than 1,000 students and staff at Chelsea Career and Technical High School have had to choose between sweating in overheated classrooms or opening their windows to the constant pounding of a pile driver and the smell of diesel fumes.

Star power and L.E.S. power too at D.C. rally
By Lincoln Anderson
Among the tens of thousands of protesters and Hollywood glitz at last Saturday’s rally against the Iraq War were a vocal Lower East Side/East Village contingent of about 40, including their councilmember, Rosie Mendez.

An open-and-shut case in Door stabbing involving 13-year-olds
By Priya Idiculla with Albert Amateau
A 13-year-old teenager from a Hudson Square alternative school stabbed another teen from the school on Wed., Jan. 24, on Grand St. and West Broadway around noon, according to police.

Locals are living longer despite boozing, obesity, lead poisoning
By Albert Amateau
New York City residents are living longer, deaths related to H.I.V. have dropped sharply in the past 10 years and fewer people use tobacco, but obesity has become a growing health problem.

Despite a paper-thin plot, ‘Gutenberg’ delivers
By Scott Harrah
Corny, silly, historically inaccurate, shamelessly politically incorrect and undeniably hilarious, the two-man spoof “Gutenberg! The Musical!” is more like a long stand-up comedy routine or cabaret act than an off-Broadway musical.

Koch on film
By Ed Koch
“Children of Men” (-)
The coming attraction for this film, based on a P.D. James novel, had great appeal and the buzz about the movie after it opened was quite good.  I was looking forward to seeing it but was very disappointed once I did.
“Perfume: The Story of A Murderer” (-)
The performances in this film are very good and the 18th century French locales are well depicted.  Nevertheless, you would have to be a masochist and maybe a sadist to really enjoy it.


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