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Volume 76, Number 33 January 10 - 16, 2007

Editorial/ Op-Ed
Time to back up:
Fix Verrazano toll

There are new people in power in Washington and Albany, so bad decisions made two decades ago can be changed. A glaring example of one such bad decision is the Verrazano Bridge’s warped tolling system.

Letters to the editor

Scoopy's Notebook


Talking Point
No mercy, no farewells: The rush to hang Hussein
By Jerry Talllmer
Rudyard Kipling and Joseph Conrad and E.M. Forster and Graham Greene — those dry-point surgical anatomists of the White Man’s Burden — yes, and Albert Camus too — all of them put together could not have dreamed up the indecent fast-forward termination of the life’s breath of Saddam Hussein.

Ira Blutreich

Villager photo by Robert Kreizel

Warming up to a mild winter
Ice shelves are breaking off in the Arctic, leaving polar bears swimming for their lives. But global warming’s effects have been far more pleasant in Tompkins Square, where a couple enjoyed Sunday’s balmy, 72-degree weather.

Garden of delights but also complaints
By Brooke Edwards
After two years of being gated and much negotiation, the Liz Christy Community Garden at the corner of Bowery and E. Houston St. reopened its gates this week — though the gates and fence look much different than what returning visitors will recall.

Most crime was down; Club-related assaults were up
By Albert Amateau
Felony crime in the Village, Soho and Chelsea continued the downward trend of the past 15 years, according to New York Police Department statistics tracking crimes in 2006 compared with previous years.

Police close two Chelsea clubs after violence and drug arrests
By Albert Amateau
The New York Police Department’s legal bureau secured a court order last week and closed two West Chelsea clubs with a combined capacity of 3,665 patrons on Friday night Jan. 6 under the city’s Nuisance Abatement Law.

Arts and Entertainment

He speaks the truth softly, at a show called Talkingstick
By Jennifer DeMeritt
When Master Lee did a stand-up show at Riker’s Island ten years ago, he was greeted by shouts of “Yo, Master Lee!” from inmates who recognized him from his martial-arts street shows in Washington Square Park.

Koch on Film

Funny girl Patricia Marx pens her first novel
By Jeff Nishball
After years of writing for various television shows like “Saturday Night Live” and freelancing for magazines such as Time and The New Yorker, Patricia Marx has taken a page from her own life’s story and turned it into fiction.


Heavy lifting as cyclists honor those killed on the road in ’06
By Jefferson Siegel
Bicycle solidarity was on eloquent display last Sunday as hundreds rode in the Second Annual Memorial Ride to honor the 14 riders killed on city streets last year.

Cajun Soho bar fight still ragin’; Lola wants liquor
By Gerard Flynn
A spokesperson for the State Liquor Authority announced this week that the agency is only weeks away from granting embattled Soho Cajun-Creole restaurant and jazz lounge Lola a liquor license, possibly concluding over a year and a half of legal proceedings between the owners, Gayle and Tom Patrick-Odeen, and their determined opponents, the community group Soho Alliance.

Mega-garbage truck garage planned in Hudson Square
By Albert Amateau
The Department of Sanitation wants to build garages on three sites, one of them owned by United Parcel Service, in the Hudson Square neighborhood where six luxury residential towers have risen in the past few years.

Soho pavements been stepped on by blue train shoes
By Lincoln Anderson
Painted blue feet with the letters “C” and “E” in them sprung up on the pavement recently in Soho.

Hit send for therapy, or take the stage
By Ibby Caputo
Stephanie Sabelli is sexually frustrated and not afraid to admit it. In fact, she’ll tell you all about it.

Life as a rigamarole — in acrylics
By Jerry Tallmer
The odalisque — recumbent female figure — on one wall of Annie Shaver-Crandell’s big rambling loft in Noho shows a good deal of leg and thigh.


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