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Marilyn on the half shell

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  Everybody on Fire Island was talking about Marilyn Monroe that summer. She was somebody’s houseguest, but nobody had seen her. Or nobody that I knew, anyway. In any case, I was more interested in Willie Mays, who — my tiny all-purpose beach radio told me — had, on an unbelievable clothesline read more here »

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NATO Summit protests spark memories of Chicago ’68

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  Plus ça change. Couple of hours ago I clicked on the tube, to see if there’d been any great old murals or statuary damaged by earthquake in Italy. No murals, no statuary. No siree, Bob. Just what looked terrifyingly like a considerable dozens of human skulls being damaged by the nightsticks read more here »

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Film Forum’s repertory chief Goldstein is a classic

BY JERRY TALLMER  |  Nobody I’ve ever met knows as much about as many movies of all genres as does Bruce Goldstein. Genre. You want genre? Karen Cooper’s dearly beloved genre is The Documentary Film. She books them like gangbusters. Bruce Goldstein’s is everything else. Karen Cooper’s line of work is running a movie theater read more here »

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A letter to my pal Sidney Giants

[media-credit name="File" align="aligncenter" width="380"][/media-credit]Mr. Sidney Zion Somewhere out there February 6, 2012 Dear old Sidney: It was on the instant yesterday evening, February 5, 2012, when Tom Brady’s zero-seconds-to-go Hail Mary pass fell harmlessly to the turf in Indianapolis that my eyes suddenly welled with tears. Four years ago, almost to the day, out in read more here »

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For Natalie Wood: A new look at a corny old Splendor

By JERRY TALLMER | This past Saturday night I turned on the tube for no reason at all and was brought up short by the opening titles of a motion picture I hadn’t seen in thirty or forty years. Somebody at Turner Classic Movies — Ted Turner maybe? — had had the dazzlingly bad taste read more here »

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