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  1. MPM
    July 12, 2014

    Why are these bins illegal? The contents…shoes, clothing, etc. can surely help someone living on the street or some out of work families that need clothes for their children.

    There are many other urgent issues that need to be addressed not some clothing bin locations!

  2. Lora Tenenbaum
    July 12, 2014

    About 15 years ago the New York Times started dropping illegal storage boxes in front of stores that sold their newspapers. These were basically locked metal boxes with the NY Times logo used solely for storing newspapers until the stores opened or needed them. They were not protected because they were not used for distribution; only storage. The Department of Sanitation confirmed they were illegal, sent a letter to the Times (which I saw) and then proceeded to do nothing. The Times didn't remove them. Many of them are still around, most painted over, although the Times abandoned using them long ago. So, I'll be interested in how long after "notification" these bins disappear.

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