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    June 26, 2014

    Hmm…every single Chinese-American board member voted for a … Chinese-American.

    Racial bias or what?

  2. Child Please!
    June 26, 2014

    Nice try Berg. Gigi won because the vote was NOT on the merits and was NOT about who would do a better job. Gigi won with a coalition of three groups (1) all Chinese-American members, (2) most Executive Board members, who were happy to vote to continue their domination of the board, and (3) other members whose votes were dictated by Chin, Mendez and Silver. The fact that a sitting chair running for reelection after 2 terms failed to get 1 out of every 3 votes cast is a terrible showing. The fact that she refused to discuss or defend her record to the press or in her speech (which, in discussing her grandparents' LES immigrant story, failed to mention she grew up in a Long Island suburb), shows that Li knew the vote was not on the merits. The whole thing made a mockery of the community, not that Berg cares one bit.

    • Guest
      June 26, 2014

      Of Rosies's 14 appointments, here is the tally: 6 for Chad, 5 for Gigi, 3 no shows. Do your math.

      All Manhattan Community Board appointments by elected official: http://manhattanbp.nyc.gov/downloads/pdf/CB_Membe….

      • Another guest
        June 26, 2014

        You are both right. Child Please's overall comments are true, but Mendez didn't really try to steer votes. That was all Chin and Silver, and their people voted in lockstep.

  3. Guest
    June 26, 2014

    Of Rosies's 14 appointments, here is the tally: 6 for Chad, 5 for gigi, 3 no shows.
    Do your math.

  4. Guest
    June 26, 2014

    All Manhattan Community Board appointments by elected official: http://manhattanbp.nyc.gov/downloads/pdf/CB_Membe

  5. Loisada
    June 27, 2014

    As a lifelong Latina from Loisasa, I am furious at the Latino community's so-called representatives on CB3. We fight to get more representation of the board and what happens? 3 of us go head and vote for Gigi Li who has discriminated against Latino CB3 members in committee assignement and chair assignments for two years! Enrique Cruz, Christopher Santana and Josephine Valez, you are all traitors to your own people. I guess you got favors in return for selling the Latino community out. You may have won Gigi Li's favor, but don't expect any from us. Not anymore. You don't turn your back on your community and get away with it!

    • Sue Au
      June 27, 2014

      A back room deal was surely made between Enrique Cruz, Christopher Santana, and Josephine Velez and Gigi Li. Shameful! Sell out your community (and yourself) to advance the power of the very people who subjugated you?

      This raises significant questions about the legitimacy and purpose of Enrique Cruz's organization Albor. Voting for Gigi Li in the face of her being investigated for possibly excluding Latinos and African-Americans from leadership and committees at Community Board 3 makes these words ring hollow:

      "We feel that, right now, down here on the Lower East Side, there seems to be a lack of unity. I feel that there’s just no respresentation, nowhere for them to turn. We want to use this association to give them a place to turn so that we can all come together as one. Like anything else, when you have a larger volume of people involved, you become more powerful. (Johnny Marines, Founder Albor)

      What is Albor and Enrique Cruz really about?

      • Anon
        June 27, 2014

        ALBOR is nothing more than an Enrique Cruz promotional vehicle. If he ever could claim to be representing the Latino community, that's out the window now! What a joke.

    • anon
      June 27, 2014

      I'm not convinced that Chad Marlowe is better for Latinos, based on what? How has she discriminated against Latino committee members? I don't agree that the three you mentioned are sellouts because they voted for Gigi Li. It seems reactionary to state that any Latino that does not vote the way you wanted is a sellout.

      • Guest
        June 27, 2014

        Marlow spoke often about making the board more inclusive, such as allowing new Latino board members to serve on more than one committee (Li's restriction) and having more diverse committee chairs. I think that clearly is better for Latinos and for the community as a whole.

      • Guest
        June 27, 2014

        This statement above isn't even remotely accurate.

  6. New Nydia Velazquez
    June 27, 2014

    Praise and thanks to CB3 board member Carlina Rivera. She stood up for Latinos when no one else did at CB3!

    It is refreshing to see someone like her who has integrity especially after experiencing Gigi Li!

    Rivera seems like the real deal. The one to watch.

    • Guest
      June 27, 2014

      15 people stood up for Latinos at CB3 – it's just odd that Carlina Rivera was the only Latina to do so! On the one hand, that's good, but on the other, as a "District Leader", Ms. Rivera should have secured the other Latinos' votes. It looks like Mr. Cruz did the leading, not Mr. Rivera. Not sure that makes her the "real deal" as much as it makes her the least-bad-of-the-bunch. Cleary, she's not a very effective leader.

    • LES-4-life
      June 27, 2014

      The word on the street is that Ms. Rivera voted for Marlow because several people in his breakaway group knew about some serious skeletons in her closet that would have immediately disqualified her to run for Rosie's seat, so she was in a position that she HAD to vote for Marlow…or risk the truth coming out….

      That's not standing up, that's keeping the skeletons in the closet!!

  7. ….. Please
    June 27, 2014

    These comments are a joke. The one about "secret backroom deals" should go right into an X-files episode. As if board members have nothing better to do all day. Talk about attributing more power and importance than they really have.

    The cake goes to all the racial pandering in these comments. People say they are post-racial and color-blind, then get pissed if Latinos or Chinese vote for who they want to vote for. Don't pidgeonhole. Not everything is about race, unlike people who always claim racism want you to believe. The worse candidates are always the one screaming about racial injustice when they were really not appointed because they are obnoxious and can't work with other people.

  8. Anthony Martinez
    June 27, 2014

    It is unfortunate that Chad and some of his followers have to resolve to posting undignified comments about people who didn't vote for him. Ultimately, they tried character assassination against Gigi in all the media that was available to them and they still lost. They played ugly politics and it didn't work and now they will slice and dice everyone they feel didn't stand with them. Some of the people that Chad and his followers are trashing in this thread are people that I know to be good and I would stand with them any day rather than Chad and his ilk. If Chad thinks he is going to come into this neighborhood and divide the board and the neighborhood so that he can become chair and all for his personal and political ambitions, he has another thing coming.

    • Vote Counter
      June 27, 2014

      "It is unfortunate that Chad and some of his followers have to resolve to posting undignified comments "
      Such an unsubstantiated, silly and erroneous statement. Yet, no surprise.

      I, for one, barely know Chad, have not spoken to him in years, and am certainly not one of his "followers". I am simply a local resident who knows that Gigi is a tool of Susan Stetzer, and that the vote was racially based, and based on people wanting to be kicked off of certain important committees if they voted against Ms. LI.

      If you want to talk about "ugly politics", read the Villager editorial from last week, which shows clearly the corruption and incompetency and cronyism and political patronage that reeks from CB3.

      By the way, what do you get out of it, Mr. Martinez?

    • Vote Counter
      June 27, 2014

      "they played ugly politics "

      Ugly politics? 9 out of 11 of Margaret Chin's appointees – 82% – voted for Li, Chin's pal,who endorsed Chin for Council and who is rumored to want to succeed Chin in the council when Chin is term limited out. One hand washes the other.

      So, discuss that glaring example of "ugly politics" first, before you talk of others'.

  9. LESResident
    June 27, 2014

    Here we go again!

    This thread is beginning to feel a lot like the same (few) commentators that rallied for Enrique Cruz's public fight for a liquor license at 106 Rivington Street, which eventually turned nasty– full of mudslinging and race baiting, eventually giving birth to the organization Albor.

    It's quite telling that the same people who accused Gigi Li and Susan Stetzer of racism are now supporting them. Makes you wonder what Cruz's real objective is in forming Albor and joining the community board? Is he still after the elusive liquor license? Mendez's soon to be vacated seat?

    I know of all the incredible advocacy work GOLES, Cooper Square, Urban Justice League, etc has done for decades but what have Albor and Mr Cruz (who is in his mid-30s) done?

    According to Mr. Cruz (http://www.nyalbor.org/about/founder-and-president/): "For 30 years, he has been a driving force and advocate for fair and equal housing development and a passionate community activist..he has spent his entire career fighting for those in need of a voice, defending the rights of tenants, ensuring access to proper legal consultation and representation, and helping all those that are in need of assistance." Nice bio but why is Enrique Cruz's name only surfacing now after supposedly 30 years of standing up for injustice?

    All of this puffing up of Enrique Cruz only makes Carlina Rivera look stronger, rising above the fray. Her experience at GOLES, many years serving on CB3 and her vocal criticism that there was not enough affordable housing (along with Harvey Epstein) negotiated with the SPURA deal makes her a standout.

    Chad Malow supporters blackmailing her about "skeletons" in her closet is absurd crap! What a bizarre comment! She voted her conscience and the will of the people, and her intelligence. She did what was right. Plain and simple.

  10. get real
    June 28, 2014

    Carlina Rivera has a history of Section 8 fraud, everyone on CB #3 knows it. And Marlows people knew it, that is why she voted for him. Its an open secret that everyone knows. Their all hypocrites for not reporting her. This community needs real leaders, not frauds.

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