Car crash delivered a crippling blow to West Village post office

BY PASHA FARMANARA  |  The West Village Post Office, at Hudson St. near Charles St., remains shut down after a car crashed into the front of the building on Mon., Oct. 21.

The car’s driver fled the scene, but was  arrested by police the following day. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, which is reportedly punishable by a fine of up to $250 or a prison sentence of up to 15 days, or both.

The post office has been closed until repairs are made, according to the Department of Buildings. A D.O.B. notice posted on the building’s exterior this week read:

“At ground floor — Due to impact of vehicle — Block Masons, Column (non-load bearing) dislodged at entrance to store front, service door displaced. PARTIAL VACATE.”

In fact, the first-floor space has been deemed “imminently perilous to life” in its current state by D.O.B.

The accident scene is covered with plywood panels, but the wreckage can still be seen when looking from an angle.

A neighborhood resident shared his take on the accident, opining that the crash was planned and executed by the government because it has been trying to close this particular post office branch, but could not get the approval.

The branch reportedly may be back open in time for the Christmas season rush.

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3 Responses to Car crash delivered a crippling blow to West Village post office

  1. Correct, planned and executed by the government, directed energy weapons used, like at WTC 911, drags vehicle into building.

  2. Knowing the history of the USPS, don't hold your breath. Instead of waiting for the station to "open in time for the Christmas rush", go now to Varick and King, Tenth near Sixth, or Ninth Avenue between 15th &16th for holiday stamps.

  3. They have been trying to close this post office for years…I bet they say for budget reasons they can not afford to get the post office re-opened. The other day it did not say partial vacate it said post office CLOSED… meaning closed for good… I doubt this will open again…

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