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  1. Michael Burke
    November 1, 2013

    Brilliant stuff. I seem to recall another "catastrophie" due in great part to our dependence upon foreign oil. And why would we rather burn cheaper clean gas rather than dirty no. 5 oil that most buildings in NYC use? And provide jobs and business and money for locals rather than medieval, intolerant, undemocratic socities on the other side of the world. Who like to kill innocents. It just makes sense all the way around.

    • clarity
      November 3, 2013

      Hi Michael. There are lots of reasons we don't want gas to replace number 6 oil: For one, it enables increased fracking hence climate change and sea level rise, something those who live along the west side of the Hudson have some experience with.

      For another, it's worse for our air quality, creating pollution from the extraction process in a 200-mile radius and, where it is burned, creating more particulate matter (the cause of asthma) than number 2 oil. Meanwhile, Biodiesel produces almost zero emissions. In combo with solar thermal to heat hot water, a truly sustainable, affordable conversion is possible.

      For a third, it costs exponentially more to convert a building to gas than to more sustainable options (about $10K to convert to Biodiesel or Number 2 oil, versus $100K-$1Million to convert to gas.

      For a fourth, gas as a fuel is only cheap at the moment; it's going to rise in cost as the gas either runs out (Penn State predicts only a 6-year recoverable supply) or gets exported (export terminals have just been approved by DOE). If you'd like to know more about alternatives for boiler conversions, check this out: http://saneenergyproject.org/boilers/

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