Word up! Artists reopen gallery in ‘novel’ fashion



Photos by Bob Krasner At Central Booking’s reopening, the look was literary, literally.

Photos by Bob Krasner
At Central Booking’s reopening, the look was literary, literally.

central-booking,-skirtBY BOB KRASNER  |  Artists wore their books on their sleeves when Central Booking gallery, on Ludlow St., held its reopening bash on Thurs., Sept. 12.

The Lower East Side gallery, which is dedicated to the idea of the book as art, hosted hundreds of guests, who  packed the new 2,700-square-foot space for what Maddy Rosenberg, the gallery’s executive director and curator, called “a thrilling night.”

Revelers included Warren Lehrer, the renowned book artist and graphic designer; Florence Neal, founder of Kentler International Drawing Space; and Peter Fend and Coleen Fitzgibbon, formerly of Colab; as well as sculptor Tom Otterness.

The evening’s highlight was thREAD, a fashion show of book-themed outfits. Participants, many of whom created their own outfits, included Desiree Alvarez, Marlene Weisman, Beatrice Coron and German visitors Linn Annen and Brandstifter.


Central Booking, at 21 Ludlow St., is open Thursday to Sunday, 12 noon to 6 p.m. For more information, call 347-731-6559 or visit  www.centralbookingnyc.com or email info@centralbookingnyc.com .





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4 Responses to Word up! Artists reopen gallery in ‘novel’ fashion

  1. The dress with the script on it is "Oceanic Slip" by Desiree Alvarez, and was one of my absolute favorite pieces int he show. Not only the the poem is one she wrote herself, it was too loud to catch it all, but it sounded wonderful.

  2. Alexandra Dixon

    I can't believe anybody would willingly share the same oxygen as the dog-killer Tom Otterness. His wife's name is Coleen Fitzgibbon, a videographer who was with him at the time he adopted an innocent shelter dog, tied it to a fence and shot it dead for "art." I wonder if she was the person who filmed this vile act.

  3. REBUTTAL TO ALEXANDRA DIXON: Coleen Fitzgibbon (not pictured) was invited into this event by me (front/center with Button Pins) to participate, along with Geraldo Mercado (not pictured) in my walk-around involving two of my clothing-works Central Booking carries. I sent this link to her, and her response is that she was "not with Tom Otterness" at the time, and does "not know anything much about his early work." Some of the artists in the evening's performances (as listed on the Facebook page, and not in order in this photo) are: Gabriel Don, Brand Stifter, Holly Messitt, Leah Umansky, Deirdre Lawrence, Sarah Katherine Stengle, Roni Gross, Desirée Alvarez, Alyson Pou, Barbara Rosenthal, Béatrice Coron.

  4. All the images are looking awesome and mind blowing thanks for the sharing.

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