First, Citi Bike; Next…Citi Arch?

Is this what the future holds for the Washington Square Arch?

Is this what the future holds for the Washington Square Arch?

According to posters that recently popped up all over the Village, the Washington Square Arch could soon be gaudily festooned with more brand names than a Vegas strip mall. “The City of New York is selling corporate naming rights to Washington Square Arch,” declare the posters, from a group calling itself Save Our Listed on the Web site as “retail chains we must stop” are “Starbucks, McD, BK, Gap old navy, 7 Eleven, Newport cigarette [sic], Dunkin Donuts, B 0f A, Chase, TD Bank and Rite Aid.” However, Parks spokesperson Philip Abramson denied the iconic monument could soon be known as Citi Arch. “No, that must be some kind of joke or prank,” he said. “No truth to it.”


–  Lincoln Anderson

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2 Responses to First, Citi Bike; Next…Citi Arch?

  1. Georgette Fleischer

    Spoofing aside, thanks to Save Our for raising awareness of corporate takeovers and corporate branding of our public amenities, whether parks or transportation modes. Friends of Petrosino Square would like to extend an invitation to all to our day in court that will determine whether the Department of Transportation can alienate our public parkland and art installation space with a Citi Bike kiosk that could easily be relocated a few feet away into roadbed where transportation modes belong. We will be joined by co-petitioners Lt. Joseph Petrosino Lodge of the Sons of Italy in America, Spring Studio Life Drawing, the SoHo Alliance, the NoHo Neighborhood Association, the Chinatown Civic Association, and former District 1 Councilmember Alan J. Gerson on Tuesday, October 15th beginning at 9:30 a.m. in front of Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kern at 60 Centre Street, Room 432. Oral argument by our pro bono attorneys at Gibson Dunn promises to result in a precedent-setting decision for the future of the public trust.

    Georgette Fleischer
    Founder, Friends of Petrosino Square

  2. Times have changed.

    The uncredited man on the bicycle used to be one of the most recognized faces in the world: Gary Cooper, 2-time Oscar winner and the most represented actor on the American Film Institute's 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All Time.

    He'd be recognized if he were riding a horse.

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