Village Voice leaves Village for Wall St.

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON  |  The Village Voice has left the building — and left the Village entirely, for that matter. Its new home is on the 21st floor at 80 Maiden Lane, a few blocks away from what some say is a fitting symbol for the Voice’s new corporate ownership, Wall St.

The Bedford + Bowery blog reported last Fri., Sept. 13, that the Voice had vacated 36 Cooper Square, where the well-known weekly had been based since 1991.

Rumors that the Voice would be leaving the Village began swirling about a year ago.

Founded in 1955, the Voice was the original alternative urban weekly paper. It was launched in a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village, which was the area it covered most heavily at first. In the 1960s the paper expanded to cover the city. The Voice’s offices in the ’60s were in Sheridan Square.

This past spring, the Voice laid off some of its most well-known writers and columnists, including gossip columnist Michael Musto.

As quoted in Bedford + Bowery, the alt weekly’s new editor in chief, Tom Finkel, said the new space is better configured.

Asked, though, if it’s really the Village Voice if it’s not in the Village, Finkel replied, “It’s not a neighborhood paper, it’s a New York paper.”

Although 36 Cooper Square is in the Noho Historic District, Andrew Berman, director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, said the Village Voice’s name won’t necessarily have to be preserved on the building’s facade. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has a rule under which exterior signage is not required to be kept. At most, if new signage is added, it might have to be the same style as the Voice signage, he said.

Grace Church School will reportedly move into the vacated space at 36 Cooper Square.

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4 Responses to Village Voice leaves Village for Wall St.

  1. It may have moved to a new address but it won't help.It's not the same paper and quite frankly it has nothing to offer any more.Ii's not orth the paper it is printed on.In fact it stinks.A friend of mine stopped reading it a year ago.I held out a little longer.I wish I had stopped when he did because it's now a waste of time.To the village that was I say Rest In Peace…………………..

  2. You are the 1%! Occupy Sesame Street!

  3. What claim has "Bedford + Bowery" to "BEDFORD" ??
    Is it Bedford Ave in "Billyburg"??
    Or Bedford Street in Greenwich Village??
    If the latter, we reject you, NYU and The New York Times.
    The Villager's chief source on neighborhood matters is now an NYU/NYTimes funded blog?

    Does this publication somehow lay claim to the efforts of the Bedford-Downing
    Block Association? Does it have a presence on Bedford Street?
    We're going to need an explanation. If it's even partially NYU funded, don't even
    think about branding on our block. Or presuming to speak for us.
    If you are NYU funded, and you continue to encroach journalistically on this community,
    as if to provide journalistic services "in our name", stop now.

    And, Villager?? You're reporting on a change in The Voice as if it's become a Wall Street entity, with no question of, or attribution of, the "source" ?

    This is a crucial moment for The Villager. Who defines you? NYU? The New York Times?

    Or The Villager???

  4. Loved the Villager back in the 60′s. My first wife Theresa worked there and we lived at Christopher and Gay. What a great time to be a New Yorker. Keep up the good work and never back down.
    Bill Burke
    Ret. in AZ

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