Gunfire wounds 4 at SOB’s; Hoylman pushes bullet bill

The promo invite for Fat Trel’s release of his mixtape, “SDMG” (Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns) at SOB’s on Sept. 11.

The promo invite for Fat Trel’s release of his mixtape, “SDMG” (Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns) at SOB’s on Sept. 11.

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON  |  SOB’s stands for Sounds of Brazil. But last Thurs., Sept. 12, the sound of gunfire broke out inside the well-known Hudson Square music club, at Varick and Houston Sts. Four people were wounded in the incident, which sparked a chaotic, mad rush for the exit by frightened clubgoers, during which some were trampled and left with cuts.

The shots, reportedly from a single gunman, broke out around 12:15 a.m. right before the rapper Fat Trel was set to take the stage to perform cuts from his new mixtape, “SDMG” (Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns).

According to police, four people suffered nonfatal bullet wounds. The Daily News reported that two individuals were taken by ambulance to Beth Israel Medical Center, both with leg wounds, and that two others suffered graze wounds.

Witnesses told the News the shooting occurred near the bar. The gunman reportedly fled the scene in a black car.

No arrests had been made as of this past Tuesday evening.

In the wake of the shooting, Robin and Larry Gold, the club’s owners, released a statement, which was posted on Complex, a style, music and sneakers Web site.

“For 32 years, we here at SOB’s have prided ourselves on creating a safe and fun environment for visitors to enjoy good food and some of the best live music in New York and the world over. “The SOB’s family, along with its internationally acclaimed artists and devoted fans, has peacefully and gratefully celebrated diverse cultures and the music that unites us through its transcendent language for many years. This incident was unprecedented in the long history of SOB’s. We are assisting the police in every way possible to bring this person to justice. Nothing is more important to SOB’s than the safety and well being of our customers. This is a home of peace, respect and positive vibes and we here at SOB’s vow to keep it that way.”

State Senator Brad Hoylman condemned the gun violence inside the Hudson Square club and said the incident demonstrates the need for state microstamping legislation.

“The shooting injuries of four people in Soho today is a stark reminder of the enduring need to eradicate gun violence,” Hoylman said in a statement released the day of the incident.

“We must do more to protect our communities from gun violence,” he said. “Earlier this year, New York took a critical step to combat gun violence by enacting the NY SAFE Act of 2013, which I was proud to support. Unfortunately, the SAFE Act does not include a provision requiring microstamping, a ballistic identification technology that allows police to link used cartridge cases recovered at crime scenes like the Soho nightclub, to the guns and individuals who used those guns in crimes.

“I renew my call for the State to pass S.68/A.3244 (Peralta/Schimel), which would require any semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in New York to be capable of microstamping ammunition.

“The bill has the support of 100 mayors and 83 police departments and law enforcement organizations throughout New York State,” Hoylman added. “We must finally give law enforcement the best tools available to solve gun crimes like the one that happened early this morning in Soho and get guns off our streets.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if any bullet casings had, in fact, been left at the scene. A revolver handgun, for example, doesn’t eject bullet shells, though an automatic handgun does.

Jared Chausnow, Hoylman’s press secretary, said the state senator’s office has been in touch with police about the shooting, but has only been told that the investigation is ongoing. Chausnow said they weren’t told by’  police whether any shell casings were left at the scene, but that Hoylman saw the opportunity — since no suspect has been caught and the investigation is ongoing — to call for the microstamping legislation. The technique has been shown in states like California to increase arrest rates for gun violence, getting more shooters and guns off the streets.

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8 Responses to Gunfire wounds 4 at SOB’s; Hoylman pushes bullet bill

  1. The technique has been shown in states like California to increase arrest rates for gun violence, getting more shooters and guns off the streets.

    Do you have a cite for the above? Thanks.

    • Great point. I have not heard a single citation that claims such a thing (higher conviction rate). I am virtually sure that, has this been the case, it would have been in almost every newspaper in the country. Probably on their front pages!

    • No. Microstamping has never been implemented anywhere previously.

  2. For Progressivism to succeed you must lie to the Public and most importantly you must first lie to yourself.

  3. Don, your statement is a little misleading since microstamping has just been adopted in CA and has yet to result in a single arrest. The technology is far from ideal and can easily be defeated with a simple rasp file that can be purchased at any $1 store.

  4. This makes perfect sense. We all know folks to shoot up a night club are applying for carry permits, registering their guns and purchasing their ammunition from legal sources:/

  5. Close this place down!

  6. Several points of interest here.

    1.) When I asked Jared Chausnow (Hoylman's press secretary) told me when explicitly that he did not know what CoBIS (combined ballistic identification system) was after the so-called "SAFE Act" passed. For those of you who don't know, it was the ballistic imaging database that cost taxpayers in NY $44 million over 11 years and resulted in no convictions of anyone for anything. He had no idea what it was and it's probably safe to say ol' Brad didn't either. And now they want microstamping? How about educating yourself on the issues, Mr. Hoylman.

    2.) I asked Mr. Chausnow if Hoylman had even read the SAFE Act before he voted on it and he could not provide me a "yes" or "no" answer. When I asked for clarification on his long and flowing reply, he ignored me. Mr. Hoylman has never publicly stated whether or not he read or understood the SAFE Act before voting on it in the secret midnight session this past January.

    3.) The statement "The technique has been shown in states like California to increase arrest rates for gun violence, getting more shooters and guns off the streets" is blatantly false. Microstamping only became unencumbered by patent in CA this year and as such, only went into effect this year. There are no studies to support this assertion.

    4.) Many police officers are staunchly opposed to microstamping legislation and recognize it for what it is: a waste. If the SAFE Act's passage showed anything, it showed that our law enforcement clearly support our 2nd Amendment. Read the letters. Not one letter of support exists from the rank-and-file officers of any agency. It's been (pardon the pun) shot down every year for the past several years in NY's legislature and was specifically excluded from the SAFE Act.

    5.) No shell casings were recovered in the incident described in the article which makes this a particularly puzzling choice by Mr. Hoylman to promote microstamping – which by its very nature requires the recovery of a stamped shell casing to succeed. Did anyone tell Brad that you actually need a shell casing or did he wing that one too?

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