‘Tower of garbage’ gets glassed

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               The exterior glass facade is currently being installed on the Spring St. mega-garage.                                Photos by Lincoln Anderson

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | This building getting “glassed,” isn’t the latest luxury residential high-rise from Jean Nouvel or some other “starchitect,” but the Department of Sanitation’s new Hudson Square mega-garage.

For the past couple of weeks, workers have been installing the exterior glass on the massive building’s southern facade, on Spring St.

Once completed, the garage, which stretches north from Spring St. for two to three blocks between Washington and West Sts., will house all the garbage trucks from three city Sanitation districts, those serving Community Boards 1, 2 and 5.

Once the Spring St. facility is finished, the city will relocate to it the garbage trucks that are currently based on Gansevoort Peninsula, in the northwest corner of C.B. 2 near W. 13th St. That move will, in turn, allow the Hudson River Park Trust to convert the 8 acres of Gansevoort Peninsula into a park, as part of the 5-mile-long Hudson River Park along the Lower West Side waterfront.

Completion of the Spring St. mega-garage is anticipated by next spring. Community residents in Hudson Square and Tribeca fought the so-called “Tower of Garbage,” saying it violated fair-share provisions by loading too many municipal services into one neighborhood. They argued that the garage should be downsized and house only two Sanitation districts’ worth of garbage trucks, but, in the end, the city prevailed.

The exterior glass facade is currently being installed on the Spring St. mega-garage.  Photos by Lincoln Anderson


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4 Responses to ‘Tower of garbage’ gets glassed

  1. Everyone wants their garbage hauled away, but no one wants to deal with the infrastructure to do it. SoHo has this garage. On the UES, the locals are fighting a transfer station. But, sorry, all this stuff is necessary.

  2. Agreed. And the peninsula will be 8 acres of hard earned waterfront park, so best to accept this compromise. I remember years ago when downtowners were so silent on the Harlem/125th issue, and just watch what hypocritical pettiness continues to occur on the UES, even after they got Asphalt Green so many years ago. That community absorbs nothing permanent. The subway line has obviously been a burden, but it will be completed.

    Pier 40 needs a compromise ON THE PIER, not one which allows the HRPT to control air rights sales into the communities bordering the park. It would rescue an amount of park and field-space equivalent to the peninsula, while keeping HRPT from having such a wide swath of economic and political control over the lives of the citizens of the west side bordering the park. Control moving outside the park itself and INTO YOUR COMMUNITY! People need to really ask themselves what is really happening with S5824. The Governor hasn't signed it yet, it MUST be stopped.

    A public/private partnership, created to build and maintain the park, has now been allowed by this bill to expand its scope beyond the park and into Tribeca, Soho, Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen. It is not a solution. It is an expansion of the already excessive and transparency-free power of the HRPT, and a revocation of community control.

    It must be stopped. Soccer is a better commercial compromise, and contains the damage to the pier. To go beyond the pier with S5824, is a sea change. A HUGE loss of community control. I beg this community to become more active over this as of yet unsigned bill.

  3. It must be stopped! Just kidding, none of this really affects the community, but with lack of anything better to do we should protest.

  4. I remember years ago sanitation trucks would be parked all over the west side highway. I am glad that this nice structure will remove the trucks from the streets.

    Those ues ppl should not be nimby

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