Quinn best choice for women, health and kids

BY STEPHANIE SCHRIOCK | New York City is home to more than 8 million people. That means millions of people contributing to an economy of more than a trillion dollars. It means 8 million people in need of healthcare, and more than 1 million students in 1,700 public schools.

For someone who grew up in the Big Sky Country of Montana, fitting that many people into that small a space is seriously daunting. I understand you may have sacrificed some sky to do it. A city that complex, that diverse, that challenging and exciting and vibrant — it requires a leader with courage and conviction. It requires a leader with experience and vision.

It requires a leader who knows the city needs to work for everyone living in it — male, female, gay, straight, rich, poor, Mets, Yankees. That leader is Chris Quinn.

EMILY’s List has been in the business of electing women for decades. And we’re in this business for a reason. We have seen it work — time and time again.

Chris’s record proves she’ll be an advocate for progressive change, making New York City a better place for women and families.

Chris has the plans New York needs and the experience to make it happen. And in a few short days, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to make it known at the ballot box — to decide that having a tough, pragmatic woman lead our nation’s largest city is the best way to move us forward.

New York City is home to one of the world’s largest economies, but it doesn’t work for men and women equally. Chris will change that. Her plans for the city include growing economic opportunities for women, helping them find and keep good jobs. She’s passed paid sick leave and a living wage law. She’s fought for clinic access and healthcare. As mayor, Chris will ensure there are loans available to small businesses and see that more government contracts are awarded to local- and women-owned businesses.

And she’s focused on making sure that working in New York really works for all families. Chris will create a childcare tax credit, making childcare more affordable for more families. And she also supports plans to provide childcare at Workforce1 Centers and for the unemployed.

The key to a strong economy is investing in its future. Chris has been a leader in the fight for high-quality public education. She’s already saved more than 4,000 teachers’ jobs, which not only kept jobs but smaller classroom sizes. She’s supported those early investments by backing expanded, full-day pre-kindergarten and mandatory kindergarten. And she supports starting a “mentor teacher” program to help give new educators the guidance they need, as well as putting the focus of education more on learning and less on standardized testing.

A healthy city is a stronger city. As mayor, Chris will continue to build upon the expansion of primary-care services she’s already overseen at clinics around the city, including school-based health centers. She worked to ban smoking in public parks and on public beaches and supports commonsense initiatives to better the health and medical care of New Yorkers.

Protecting women’s access to all of the healthcare they need has always been a priority for Chris. Her record speaks for itself. She’s safeguarded access to emergency contraception and to reproductive health clinics. That’s a trend she will continue as mayor. And she’s prioritizing a plan to reduce the rates of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections — and she wants to use health education to prevent intimate partner violence.

New York City is home to nearly half of the population of the state of New York, meaning the mayor can have an outsized influence on state policy, and with her agenda for women’s equality, I know that influence would be a positive one.

I can’t wait to see New York elect the most qualified candidate they’ve seen in years. And in the process, make history.

Schriock is president of EMILY’s List, a political action committee that is the nation’s largest resource for women in politics

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10 Responses to Quinn best choice for women, health and kids

  1. Everything in this article is probably true, but Quinn revoked the voters intent on term limits, and that is unforgivable. She has been in Bloomberg's pocket her entire time as speaker, and look what we got: a city for the developers, big businesses, late night bars, and crowds of tourists,… and a city where residents/voters are ignored. Years ago, I was hoping to vote for Quinn to be our first woman mayor, but she blew it by overturning the voters' will. That's not democratic and a sign of her lack of integrity. Sorry, but she's going down.

  2. What's wrong with tourists, and how can you possibly control that in any appealing major city, and how, SPECIFICALLY, is Quinn responsible for that? The need for members of his community to make tourists out to be some menace is misguided, at best, an easy target. People forget that with successful preservation, comes tourism. New York's history is here, people want to see it and feel it in person. Late night bars and high rise buildings with no street life is a legitimate target, these devalue community. But to bash tourists is to build a wall around Greenwich Village, as if now that you have contributed to this oasis by living here for a long time, no one else is ever allowed to come here again. People who lived here in the twenties griped about it in the fifties, people who lived the seventies griped all through the nineties, and the if you were lucky enough to be here in the sixties, apparently no one other than you can ever have as valuable a personal Greenwich Village experience ever again. Quinn may have gone too far, but she sure hasn't smothered the Village. She deserves some credit for letting this community breathe in her early tenure.

    I had to threaten to call the police on an "Anybody But Quinn" volunteer last week, who entered my building even after I refused him entry when he buzzed. He came directly to my door, in a 36 unit building, I explained to him that we do not allow canvassing of any kind, he refused to leave, continued to ask questions, and was violently profane as we escorted him out of the building. This, and George Capsis publicly (and in print with a cowardly and cynical justification using his late wife) threatening public officials, and acting on it, is what this movement, and this campaign, has become.

    I'd say Deb Glick was right, but she's out there lobbing cheap shots too. Arthur Schwartz a misogynist? Seriously?
    If she really said this (I do not know for sure and have not seen proof), she has gone too far. She would have been better served and more truthful to call George Capsis on revealing himself as macho, posturing homophobe by referring to Senator Hoylman as "demure", and saying the intern he assaulted "cried like a girl".

    Let's see if Mr. Capsis is man enough to title his next diatribe "When to Slap a Cop", instead of "When to Slap a Politician", and see what the blowback from that would be.

    Then ask he and Glick how their Pier 40 plans are going, an issue not one single candidate has had the guts to wade into. Not one. No Council candidate, no mayoral candidate, no District Leader candidates, nothing.

    We stand to lose our park-space, just like we lost Saint Vincent's, due to failure to compromise, and the current solution gives the HRPT free reign to sell air rights that affect your backyard. HRPT tentacles, ULURP or not, will be, by law, in your community. What are any of the candidates prepared to do?

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  5. to decide that having a tough, pragmatic woman lead our nation’s largest city is the best way to move us forward.

  6. I was hoping to vote for Quinn to be our first woman mayor, but she blew it by overturning the voters' will. That's not democratic and a sign of her lack of integrity.

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