VIDEO: District 1 Council debate: Chin and Rajkumar on campaign financing

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3 Responses to VIDEO: District 1 Council debate: Chin and Rajkumar on campaign financing

  1. Chin’s been playing this game a while, and there’s lots of big $ interest in this part of town. Not to say she’s done bad, but she’s good at playing the spin, and she didn’t answer to Rajkumar’s conversation.
    There’s a lot of work to be done in this district, especially after super storm Sandy hit as hard as it did. Will Council member Chin be listening to her developer contributors more than science, common sense and the needs of her middle range, working class and poor constituents? Will she cave to the suburbanization and so called “beautification” of the LES? Rajkumar is new in this arena, so I don’t have enough of a sense of her, anymore than how she presents herself in this debate… Which looks like she has some chops and is pretty serious.

  2. NYC Campaign Finance Board shows that Chin's campaign has been propped up by over $170,000 in outside money from PACs, including the Real Estate Board of New York and it's falsely-titled "Jobs for NY" Real Estate / Developer PAC:

    Vote for a Change in Council District 1:

    Vote for Jenifer Rajkumar on September 10

    • Chin has the Working Families Party endorsement. They are probably the most reputable vetting organization on politics in New York State and not in it for the money. As to the PAC money that floats around…as Epoch Times noted, "Some candidates are finding the introduction of PAC money into the races unwelcome—even when the money is spent in their favor—and they have little recourse to fight it." It's the reality of now that PACs spend big money, she's behind Lander's proposed legislation to require names on the PAC's but since the Supreme Court's decision of Citizens United no one can prevent them spending money.

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