Villager Poll: Who are you planning to vote for in the Democratic mayoral primary election?

Villager Democratic primary candidates poll:

Who are you planning to vote for on Tues., Sept. 10? Post answer in comments section below:


Sal Albanese

Bill de Blasio

Randy Credico

John Liu

Christine Quinn

Bill Thompson

Anthony Weiner


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131 Responses to Villager Poll: Who are you planning to vote for in the Democratic mayoral primary election?

  1. Since I feel there will definitely be a run off, I am voting for someone I think will make the top two cut. Otherwise I'd vote for Weiner. I believe the 2 who make the cut will come from DeBlasio, Quinn, and Thompson — I'm voting for DeBlasio to hope he gets into the final 2.

  2. Quinn gets my vote

  3. Quinn all the way !!

  4. Anyone but Quinn. Giving Bloomberg a third term is unforgivable.

  5. I am proud to support and endorse Quinn for Mayor. She has the experience and leadership to guide our great city

  6. Christine Quinn.

    She's a proven leader that knows how to get things done. The City has some big challenges ahead of us and we need a serious candidate to see it through.

    To quote the NY Daily News "she combines the clearest understanding of the difficulties facing the city with the most extensive record of getting things done. Her proposals for the working and middle classes could actually come to fruition, as opposed to the many pie-in-the-sky pronouncements of her competitors."

    Read more:

    • And to quote the NY Daily News today – "Quinn may not have the game to be the next mayor of the city, but she has shown an incredible capacity — a gift, really — for opportunism. She wants to show independence when it comes to Bloomberg, at least now that she has decided this is her chance to succeed him. Quinn comes up a phony instead, especially when it comes to the work of the police."

      Read more:

    • Total Bullshit. You're quoting a newspaper that is a rag.

  7. Christine Quinn is the only candidate that has a real record of results from the last four years. You can't really argue with facts. Quinn for Mayor!!!!!!

    • You're simply out of your mind. Quinn was involved in a slush fund and help close St. Vincents and walked away with $29,000. She is corrupt. I'd NEVER vote for Quinn!

  8. Vernon Hendrix

    Quinn by all means

    • I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how she got to where she is. And the “means” are the middle class of NYC.

  9. Quinn here.

  10. Hell's Kitchen Voter

    Quinn all the way!!!!

  11. Irene Van Slyke

    I am voting for John Liu, the only candidate who is committed to addressing climate change. And, he actually has plans how to deal with difficult issues as the City prepares for the next storm surge.
    The Sierra Club has endorsed John Liu!

  12. Voting for Quinn is giving Bloomberg a fourth term. Three was too many. Diblasio is the only progressive in the race, and gets my vote. Lose our hospital =l lose Quinn

  13. Quinn knows how to get things done – she doesn’t just talk about it she does it. Quinn all the way!!

  14. Quinn — gotta go with the hometown pride, even if she's not perfect on everything.

  15. Lifelong Westsider

    Christine Quinn has over twenty years delivering life changing and life affirming milestones for the LGBT community. From her days as an organizer to head of AVP, to delivering on marriage, DASA, hate crimes, HASA, and so much more, she is head and shoulders above the others – who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Besides she has put out a real policy proposal of what's next for the gay community, re homeless youth, seniors, hate crimes, GENDA. Nobody else has done that. Quinn has my vote.

    • Attending Pride festivals and always being the first to jump at a photo-op press conference condemning a recent hate attack don’t qualify as actually taking action. She’s been in the position to, yet despite a national drop in hate crime violence, NYC has been on THE RISE over the last 3 years. And it will only keep happening under Ray Kelly, who Quinn has indicated she will keep on as PC. Of all the candidates, she has the WORST record concerning both human and animal rights.

  16. All in for Quinn!

    Christine Quinn has always been there for tenants whether its passing important tenant legislation at city hall, helping seniors with SCRIE, urging RGB for a rent increase freeze or traveling with tenants to Albany to lobby officials for stronger rent laws.

    • uninvited guest

      "Chin and Quinn did us in!" Guess you didn't make the City Council session on July 25, 2012 when Quinn ordered a hundred opponents of NYU 2031 in the gallery to be shown to the door by armed guards, while her right-hand woman on the scheme, Chin, sat by in silence on the main floor. Among those hundred opponents was Jenifer Rajkumar, and it was that day that Jenifer decided to challenge Chin in District 1.

      I guess all the trained seals here slapping their tail fins for Quinn either missed a number of key Land Use decisions (see Howard Hughes Corporation at the South Street Seaport, for one recent example), or have slept through it all. Then, too, wasn't there a little something about a Quinn slush fund? Yet Quinn's appointees on the Campaign Finance Board, along with Bloomberg's, voted against any matching funds whatsoever for John Liu.

      Go challengers!

  17. Quinn has my support

  18. Christine Quinn

  19. Chris Quinn #Quinning!!!


  21. Quinn has a record of corruption going way back, her handler Bloomberg, was able to sweep it away as not to expose his own dirty deeds. And the city has much bigger issues than who sleeping with who or where they stick it.

  22. Ellen Peterson-Lewis

    Christine Quinn

    Christine Quinn is a proven leader that knows how to get things done. The City has some big challenges ahead of us and we need a serious candidate to see it through.

    The New york Times has endorsed her.

    The New York City Daily News has endorsed her. "she combines the clearest understanding of the difficulties facing the city with the most extensive record of getting things done. Her proposals for the working and middle classes could actually come to fruition, as opposed to the many pie-in-the-sky pronouncements of her competitors

    Gay City News, a sister publication, has endorsed her.


    • Actually, the Times has yet to make their endorsement – just goes to show how well you actually keep up with the facts of this race. And while an endorsement from the Daily News may sound like a big deal, they also just last year endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency? Why? The editor in chief / owner is a billionaire real estate mogul – the only group she’s delivered results for! If you’re REALLY looking for a candidate to serve the middle class, she’s at the bottom of the heap with the current group of candidates. Please educate yourself.

    • ANYVBODY but Quinn
      De Blasio has my support!

    • My comment was deleted. All it said was A) The Times has NOT yet made an endorsement and B) it should be said that the Daily News last year endorsed Mitt Romney in the presidential race – for the same reason it's going with Quinn – the owner & editor in chief is a billionaire real estate mogul, the only group she delivers results for. Please do not moderate my comment again as it is neither profane or disrespectful and is germane to the topic. Thank you.

    • The NY Times is no longer independent. They will endorse any of those backed by the big real estate developers.

  23. Ellen Peterson-Lewis


  24. Quinn.

  25. Hillary Clinton

  26. Loooootsa Quinn supporters here. Funny, everyone in the gay community that I've spoken to during this campaign said they absolutely will not be voting for Quinn. The Villager must have a secret, magical hoard of Quinn supporters.

  27. Bill de Blasio

  28. Bill de Blasio, the true progressive. Quinn should be ashamed of herself, and so should those who support her blindly without examining her disgraceful record.

  29. My neighbors and i are voting for Bill deBlasio. We are Quinn constituents and can’t wait to see her exit elective politics.


    If Quinn wins the fix is in! puh-leeze. BILL DE BLASIO ALL THE WAY.

  31. Chris Quinn.

  32. I voted twice for term limits, and Ms. Quinn decided my vote didn't count. Well, my vote will count this time. Bill de Blasio for Mayor!

  33. de Blasio.

  34. De Blasio! The only results Quinn has delivered were for the rich, big real estate, Bloomberg and herself. Wake up and get educated, too many people only focusing on her sexual orientation while ignoring her countless shortcomings in office. Don’t waste your vote on this self-serving serpent.

  35. Proud to support Chris Quinn

  36. I would vote for anyone but Quinn, and at this time I prefer Deblasio. Quinn sold out the city of NY by giving Bloomberg an illegal third term. Since I believe in Democracy, I believe Quinn should be punished by being shown the door. This will be a lesson to any future politician who tries to game the system by ignoring the will of the people.

  37. Like Gay City News…. I am with Quinn.

    Gay City News On August 21
    "In choosing a Democratic mayor who can provide the leadership their administration and the city need to succeed, voters must look beyond the campaign’s easy sound bites and simplistic assumptions about who each candidate is and is not.

    It is always tempting to settle on the candidate who can help us imagine a world in which the policy choices are consistently unambiguous and doing the right thing is the option right in front of us. Progressive voters, however, must not forget the overriding importance of finding a leader with whom they can do business, one who can translate lofty ambitions into workable solutions. From a field that includes several candidates who are intelligent, progressive, and impassioned about making a difference, we won’t pretend the choice is easy — but that is what elections are all about.

    Our choice is Christine Quinn"


  38. DeBlasio. Quinn is a despicable person.

  39. NormaDesperate

    De Blasio. Quinn let St. Vincent's go down without a fight and was Bloomberg's chief boot-licker – voting for her because she's gay is ridiculous…

  40. ANYBODY BUT QUINN, FOR SURE. She turned her back on voters and gave Bloomberg and herself a third term.

  41. DeBlasio – the needed antidote to 12 years of Bloomberg!

  42. Bill de Blasio

  43. Quinn all the way!! She’s the only one that has gotten things done and will continue to do so.

  44. Sal Albanese. I can't vote for either Quinn or de Blasio – have seen too much action that hurts communities and supports developers from the former, no real help for constituents from the latter. Albanese does not take developer money which already puts him ahead in my book…. Albanese was a good councilmember, and while he has stepped out of the public eye for a while, he'd be the most concerned about the PEOPLE rather than making his rich friends richer as Mayor.

  45. de Blasio all the way — Quinn is a shadow of the person she once was (which is a shame, because she'd win my vote otherwise) and, as a result, tries to placate everyone and fill her coffers on both sides. She claims to be for "the middle class," but she's sold-out her own district and constituents for big real estate development (where's the affordable housing in the St. Vincent's deal?) and left us in the cold. What's holding her back from doing the same elsewhere in the city and in the outer boroughs? She claims the Board lied to her about the hospital's finances…well, maybe she should have displayed the gutsy political will so passionately espouses to have, taken real control of the situation and done something other than exacerbate the increasing population growth in Lower Manhattan (with more residents in luxury condos and now NO level I trauma ER or a single hospital bed to support the community!)…way to represent!!

    To be fair, she has been able to get things done, but let's also be honest, she's Speaker of the City Council and she darn well better get sh*t done. As we know, she's been able to do so in her combative, petulant style of governance, doling out discretionary funds to curry favors (or worse, pulling funds from colleagues who cross her) and, often times, flip-flopping on the issues when she realized she was on the wrong side of history (e.g., paid sick leave, which ultimately got watered down…yesterday's "historic" legislation which was finally passed after a Federal judge denounced "stop, question and frisk" as unconstitutional and racially discriminatory. Thanks, Judge Scheindlin, but we didn't need your ruling to see it's wrong and should be stopped, but once you did and Quinn realized the votes were there to override Bloomberg, she finally jumped on the bandwagon and takes the credit. Incredulous behavior. Quinn appeared on MSNBC in July and blatantly said she "would not get rid of the stop-and-frisk practice…" Talk about a flip-flopper, c'mon Chris…you've kept walking yourself back from that for weeks now…disgraceful! Check out the article & video for yourself:

    NYC has a lot of challenges ahead, most especially to ensure that everyone has a fair shot and we don't become the plutocratic society we're already on the path to become. We deserves a boldly progressive choice and (big hint), it's not the opportunist we know as Christine Quinn.

  46. Carol D'Amicis

    de Blasio

  47. De Blasio of course. He's the only choice for the middle classes.

    Quinn is an empty puppet – a corrupt mediocrity who doesn't give a damn about anybody but herself and her real-estate buddies. She paved the way for St. Vincents re-zoning.

    One wonders indeed if the Mayor and others have given her a $pecial "gifts" along the way….

  48. Several comments not praising Quinn have been removed. None have been profane OR disrespectful. Please stop censoring the comments in an attempt to make Quinn's support look bigger than it really is. Please and thank you.

    • AGAIN!!! There were 3 comments on this post that are now gone, just proves my point. Why are you censoring people?!?

  49. De Blasio! Quinn is a venal, corrupt tool of the real estate interests bent on turning this town into a gated community for the wealthy.

  50. Bill De Blasio

  51. DeBlasio. Quinn is a crook

  52. Quinn would NEVER get my vote. The woman is a bully and corrupt. She can go to Blazes!

  53. ANYBODY BUT QUINN. She voted to overturn term limits and vetoed a bill that would allow sprinkler systems in pet shops. She's entirely in the pockets of Big real estate developers. She has blocked EVERY piece of animal legislation. She is a cold-hearted untrustworthy wannabe.

  54. Anyone BUT Quinn!

  55. Anyone but Quinn!!!! Probably deBlasio.

  56. De Blasio!!!!!!!!!

  57. Definitely Bill de Blasio. He offers the most consistent progressive vision of a city that encompasses more than investment bankers and real estate tycoons. Virtually the complete opposite of Quinn, he led the opposition to giving Bloomberg a third term and, Villagers should note, has fought hard (and it looks successfully, so far) to keep hospitals serving their communities as hospitals, not potential condos. He represents a better, fairer, more inclusive New York.

    He'll fight for what NYC deserves from the wealthy
    he'll address the shortage of badly needed affordable housing
    he'll chase landlords that has no respect for human decency
    He'll respect teachers by not pretending that more charter schools will solve our problem just because they're non-union
    He won't let hospitals close because they'd rather be condos

  59. Anyone but Quinn
    Anyone who could fight tooth and nail against five days a year paid sick leave is beyond cynical. She knows better but she won't do better. Blind, deaf and dumb ambition.


  61. DeBlasio. All you Quinn supporters can go straight to Hell!

  62. LowerEastSider

    DeBlasio has had my vote for months.I hope it's a landslide on election night. Lemmie' tell ya', I'd vote for Jimmy McMillan before I'd vote for Quinnberg.

  63. Jennifer Davis

    I have not yet decided on a candidate, and Quinn may indeed "get things done" but only if those things are self-serving. I have never voted for a Republican in my life, but if Quinn gets the Democratic nomination, I will jump party and happily vote against her.

  64. DeBlasio all the way.

    Quinn babbles on about "getting things done," but was strangely passive when it came to St. Vincent's. Now she goes around saying she "worked harder than anybody" to save it. Next, she goes around taking credit for marriage equality when that vote had absolutely nothing to do with her.

    So the upshot is "I'm totally powerless to save a hospital in the heart of my district" but then "I'm all powerful because I can control the state legislature in Albany to get them to vote my way on marriage equality." Which is it Chris?

  65. Bill de Blasio! It looks like the Quinn campaign has stuffed this poll's ballot box, but really, Anybody But Quinn.

  66. anyone BUT Quinn. she's a sell-out! she's in the pocket of the real estate industry. she's a smug know-it-all like Bloomberg. i want to vote for weiner, but i will vote for whoever is ahead in the polls and looks like they can beat Quinn.

  67. I like slush funds and coups such as overturning term limits. Also giving St Vincent to Rudin family. And surrounding herself with while elitist men who bitch at you nonstop. Quinn has my vote bc I hate this city and Quinn will destroy it.

  68. DeBlasio
    Definitely not Quinn!

  69. Deblasio-certainly not Quinn

  70. Three Bums to Throw Out in September:




    Embarrassments all.

    One vote of mine is certain: Jenifer Rajkumar in Council District 1

    For my other two votes: Luckily I still have two weeks to decide.


  71. JOHN LIU!

  72. de Blasio. Quinn is owned by the real estate industry.

  73. Albanese, hands down. The only legit progressive who isn't bought and paid for. Liu second.

  74. Bill de Blasio is an honest man and a true progressive. He gets my vote!

  75. Anthony Weiner best for the middle class.

  76. Anyone but Quinn!

  77. DiBlasio. There's no way in hell I would want two more terms of Bloomberg.

  78. de Blasio! Proudly backing the progressive in the race based on his record and policy positions. The only two alternatives are unthinkable. Quinn sold out her neighborhood to those developing the St. Vincent’s site. Now history is repeating itself as Thompson is taking money from those looking to close Interfaith in the neighborhood he used to live in.

  79. Bill de Blasio. I like his record and after so maaany years of Quinn (she is my district council member) I know she would be a disaster for the city just like she has been for our nabe.

  80. Quinn is another mike. My vote goes to Thompson never Quinn. HOW QUICKLY WE FORGET.

  81. Bill de Blasio

  82. Not Voting for Quinn

    I AM NOT VOTING FOR QUINN! As a lesbian, I would love nothing more than to elect a female and gay mayor, but Quinn would be an absolutely terrible mayor for NY! She overturned term limits after New Yorkers voted not once, but twice to keep them! She's being investigated for slush funds, no matter what she says SHE is the reason that St. Vincent's hospital closed! She has knocked down every single animal welfare law proposed. She is counting on the "gay" vote. well she doesn't have this gay's vote, Bill DeBlasio does.

  83. Bill de Blasio has my vote, Quinn sold her soul to the real estate interests.

  84. De Blasio….Quinn's corrupted

  85. Bill de Blasio

  86. Anyone but Quinn. She is a sellout & a bully.

  87. Bill De Blasio all the way.

  88. started out as an "anybody but quinn" person. happy now to report me and my family and friends (gay and straight) will all vote for deblasio. see you all at the polls.

  89. de Blasio!!!! Only choice for NYC

  90. I'd rather vote for Anthony Wiener than Christine Quinn, professional political self serving HACK

  91. Quinn all the way!

    She is the only one that has the record for fighting for New Yorkers

  92. The other candidates are unrealistic

    Quinn is the only one that offers a real plan

  93. QUINN IS DOWNRIGHT DETESTABLE. SHE IS IN THE POCKET OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS. And has never passed one piece of legislation protecting animals. THE WOMAN IS EVIL.

  94. I’m voting for DeBlasio for Mayor; Julie Menin for Borough President of Manhattan and Jennifer Rajkumar for councilwoman district 1.

    While I can’t vote for Spitzer for Comptroller (how dare he run for office again, the cheater!); and Weiner, of course, is a total loon. My thoughts about Ms Quinn are really negative. Not only because she gave away our community’s hospital: St. Vincent’s. But she and Margaret Chin don’t get my vote for giving NYU our public lands and turning our residential community into commercial zoning. The smell of corruption from these four is horrendous.

  95. Bill De Blasio, hands down, although I certainly sympathize with the “Anyone but Quinn” contingent! As for the other races, it’s Jenifer Rajkumar (another no brainer, as far as I’m concerned); Julie Menin (Manhattan Borough President); and Spitzer (Comptroller) for this voter. Counting down the days till Sept 10 and Nov 5, when the despicable trio of Quinn-Chin-and-Stringer can hit the road at long last.

  96. i don't like any of them. As a life long democrat, i plan to vote for Cats on election day.

  97. Enough of Quinn. She is Bloomberg in a skirt. It amazes me what short memories the people of this city have. Should we vote for her just because she's a woman or because she's a lesbian, I think not. She helped overturn term limits to get herself another term which in her mind would make it easier to run for mayor(she's right on that one isn't she?). What did she do to save St. Vincent's or to clean up the deplorable conditions at Animal Care & Control? What had she done to help the middle class of this city. Where's the affordable housing she supposedly helped obtain. She and her buddy Bloomberg only do for their rich developer friends and no one else. She has put her face out there every chance she gets and I'm sick of looking at her. Go away Christine and leave the city to those who really care about making a difference.

  98. Bill de Blasio. I like his record and after so maaany years of Quinn (she is my district council member) I know she would be a disaster for the city just like she has been for our nabe.

  99. Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn !

  100. Quinn is my choice.. She very far from perfect ( like who is).. but she KNOWS THE ROPES. .. IT'S ABOUT PERFORMANCE AND ACTUALLY GETTING THINGS DONE.. What has di Blasio actually done?

  101. QUINN and the New York Times agrees with a forceful endorsement of Ms. Quinn.

  102. anybody but Quinn…..term limit is a vital piece of a democratic governance and Quinn, just ignored that and went against of the majority to win favors with the big bully Bloomberg. As a result, she doesn't deserve my vote.

  103. Bill de Blasio

  104. NicodemoSpadavecchia

    De BLASIO!!! I care about keeping our hospitals and libraries open!!!__I also care about NOT rewarding those who ignore the democratic process by overturning term limits nor do I have a bad memory and forget things like the "slush fund scandal" ——- HINT: I'm talking to you, Quinn supporters.__

  105. Christine Quinn has been there for Westbeth through our tax abatement fight, our fight with Related over the Superior building, through Sandy, with arts funding help, with help for the resident whose insurance company turned her down for a mammogram, for the resident who needed help with Access a ride to get to his cancer treatments and for hundreds of many issues, big and small. We called on Bill DeBlasio 3 times, and all three times we never even got a response. He might talk a good game, but Chris Quinn delivers. How could I not be anything but "in with Quinn!"

  106. I'm for Albanese!

  107. Carol D'Amicis

    de blasio and he will win with no runoff.

  108. Carol D'Amicis

    I see Quinn's staff is busy posting comments.

  109. My personal comment in the main section saying I would be voting for De Blasio was removed as well as comments on two posts by others, as well as several other posts indicating a vote for De Blasio – I watched them disappear all around the same time. There's a reason the main page lists there being 5 additional comments than actually appear. They were removed early on to make the entire first page appear to be pro-Quinn since that is the page that appears by default.

  110. O.K., well, there are two administrators of this site. As for me, I don't see any evidence that any comments were removed — but that doesn't mean that the other person might not have removed them. There are certainly a lot of de Blasio comments at this point.

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