NYC Community Media to host Council District 1 candidates debate

Councilmember Margaret Chin, left, and District Leader Jenifer Rajkumar will debate on Aug. 22 at New York Law School.

Councilmember Margaret Chin, left, and District Leader Jenifer Rajkumar will debate on Thurs., Aug. 22, at New York Law School.

NYC Community Media will sponsor a debate for the two candidates running in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary for the City Council First District race — Margaret Chin and Jenifer Rajkumar — on Thurs., Aug. 22, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., at New York Law School, 185 West Broadway, near Leonard St.

The seating capacity will be at least 120 persons, but possibly may be greater than that. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Suggested questions from the public for the candidates will be accepted before the debate at the venue, written down on index cards or pieces of paper.

Suggested questions for the candidates can also be e-mailed ahead of time to the debate’s co-moderators, Lincoln Anderson, editor of The Villager, at, and Josh Rogers, editor of Downtown Express, at

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15 Responses to NYC Community Media to host Council District 1 candidates debate

  1. Yay, go Jenifer! I am supporting Jenifer Rajkumar this election:

  2. wow, Jenifer Rajkumar looks amazing..I will for sure supporting her if I could:)

  3. Go Margaret Chin!!!!

  4. A fresh new voice is needed downtown. I hope Rajkumar pulls it off…

  5. I am support Jenifer , because Chin was bad job she did!

  6. Will this be on tv or webcast? I've got to see it. Don't make me come down there.

  7. Margaret Chin has served her community for decades. Taking on the battles no one else desired. She has fought for fair housing, safer streets, The elderly and disabled. Her record stands on its own merits. Can you say that about her opponent? What is Jenifer's record? Does she have one? Some of the comments sound like a taste of sour grapes. What I mean is, The hot button issue is NYU and the bullying they are propagating. The perplexities of taking on A GIANT like N.Y.U. is monumental. I challenge anyone who made a comment and who will make comments int eh future to look at the candidates track records. After thorough review, if you still feel the same way, then vote your issue. If you feel differently, which I am sure most will, then vote for an honest upstanding, tenacious candidate: Margaret Chin!

    • Track Record:
      Chin's =
      - LIED to us about NYU, promising support and selling us down the river. LIED!
      - Withholding a Memorandum re. South St Seaport revealing Hughes Corp's plan to destroy the historic South St Seaport, bringing in luxury condos, malls and hotels.
      - Demolishing 135 Bowery, an American Landmark, to help her mainland Chinese bankers, who gave thousands to her campaign as reward.
      - Shoved unpopular B.I.D.s down our throats
      - Takes huge amount of money from real estate PACs

      I am specific. You be specific. I defy you. Name one specific thing Chin did, except me a pawn for Quinn and Bloomberg.

      Sure, Chin spent decades here. She is an old hack. .

      When she was Rajkumar's age, she was a Maoist, and led three of her Commie pals to their deaths at the hands of the KKK in a cheap publicity stunt.

    • Dre, I'm happy to take your challenge, and I don't think that Chin is a bad person, but I do think that she should NOT be re-elected.

      -135 Bowery – it is incredibly rare for a council person to overturn the hard work a community puts into getting a building landmarked. Ms. Chin originally spoke in favor of the landmarking 135, reversed herself, and then later we find out that her new fundraiser owned it. That's very bad.
      -Next is the BIDs. I watched how she pushed through the Chinatown BID that most folks did not want. And now, she's doing the same with a Broadway/SoHo BID, and it is frightening.
      -And sucking up to the South Street Seaport developers is just awful. I mean, she actually hid important documentation!
      -Lastly, she has done nothing to deal with the nightlife overtaking the district. Some folks have children who need to sleep before 4am. It's unbearable.

      And that's all without even mentioning NYU, even though she spoke in front of the LaGuardia statue about fighting for us – she flat out lied. But Chin lost my vote long before that issue. What am I missing???

    • Jenifer has a stellar record in community service and represents hope for the future. And community concerns over NYU and other Chin initiatives are not "sour grapes," but valid concerns that many, many in our community share.

  8. Nothing in our park-starved community is more important to our health and welfare than light and air. Margaret Chin promised her constituents in person and in writing that she would not allow NYU to take over public land. Then, behind closed doors, she betrayed her constituents. Margaret Chin failed.

    • Don't forget how Scott Stringer got NYU to agree to a public school for our kids on the site of the morton williams supermarket on LaGuardia.

      Then Chin arrives and negotiates = and permits NYU to renege on the agreement. No school for our children thanks to Chin.

      Is it any wonder that the board of directors of NYU, several of whom sit on the Real Estate Board of New York, have given her campaign so much $upport?

  9. Too bad I'm about a block away from the voting line where I can vote for Jenifer,
    but I'm supporting her by flyerizing, etc.

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