Master of puppets…and also a pretty good drummer

Photos by Tequila Minsky

Photos by Tequila Minsky


stix, shadowsMr. Stix is one of 13 puppets created by Ricky Syers, who entertains passersby under the Washington Square Arch. Mr. Stix likes to smoke and drink, both of which are illegal in the park. Though, then again, he’s just a puppet, so it’s O.K. — though it sends a bad message to youth and others. Syers, who is pretty good on the sticks himself, plays a washtub drum set that he made. But, speaking about illegal activities, if he’s busking for money, that could create some problems for him under the Parks Department’s controversial strict new regulations.

stix, drums


stix, drink

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7 Responses to Master of puppets…and also a pretty good drummer

  1. Pamela Neiper Redo

    Nice! You go Ricky Syers!!! You put smiles on the faces of many. Keep up all your good work.

  2. Ricky Syers is a very talented person besides being kind, thoughtful & caring of others. In my book, he's entertainer of the year. anyone who has not seen him in person is really missing out. I'm surprised that one of those talent scouts haven't yet discovered him yet. keep up the good work Ricky.

  3. its nice when your collecting State Disability for having ADD and sitting around all day and playing with Puppets and getting Tattoos while people who really need Disability need to work hard and Suffer!

    • I choose to collect NOTHING from state or government! I don't just "Play" with these but, I create them by hand with scrap materials! And strive not to be rich but to remain happy and try to bring others there with me! Sorry Francy that you hate so easily!

  4. Hey francy, you are a GIGANTIC douche bag… that is all.

  5. I love how people ASS u me that your are layabout and get welfare and such!! He has a 'job' entertaining. I see you have 'francy' annoying.

  6. Ricky, my daughter and I love to see you in WSP. She was quite taken with Pinocchio this past summer. Love to see Doris with you! Just read about you in a local rag in NJ, but best to see you in person in the park!

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