Have you ever had a ‘close encounter’ or seen a UFO?

A few weeks ago, former New York Knicks basketball player Baron Davis declared on a radio show that he had recently been abducted by aliens. The Villager blasted off to Washington Square Park to try to find some intelligent life-forms to inquire if they believe in life in outer space, and have seen or come into contact with any of it.

UFO Ronni Rossi

Ronnie Rossi, 73
Retired; Bronx

Have you ever seen a UFO or had any alien encounters?

Do you believe aliens exist?
Very possible. I mean, why not? Anything is possible. We only have technology to see certain distances, so who knows what’s out there?

Do you think, if there is life out there, that it would be friendly or have evil intentions?
They’re probably a lot more evolved than we are. We could use something from them; they don’t want nothing from us. I think that they’re probably looking up, down or wherever they’re from and going, ‘My God, look what they’re doing, they’re still killing people.’ If aliens, or whoever it is shows up and they were way more advanced than we are, they’re probably laughing at us. It’s like looking at things that were from 300 years ago, like archaic stuff compared to what it is today.

So you think that they would think we were uncivilized?
Absolutely. As far as the way the world is and the way people treat each other. Hopefully, they do it differently. They might be more violent, who knows? But I doubt it.

UFO Pooja

Pooja, 29
Physical therapist;  Queens, originally from India

Have you ever seen a UFO or had any alien encounters?

Do you believe aliens exist, and have visited us?
Yeah. I’ve seen a few documentaries on television stating that supernatural things have been spotted, but there are no scientific explanations to that. They’ve discovered that because of the climate and the soil on Mars, there could be a possibility of life, so there could be a life on some other planet, too.

Do you think, if there is life out there, that they would be friendly or have evil intentions?
It depends on the other life, how they think, what they do. You cannot say that they would destroy us or something. It’s really how they’ve developed in terms of thinking — if they have similar kind of attributes or functioning.
Jorge Luis Paniagua Valle, 27 


N.Y.U. employee;
ORIGINALLY from Los Angeles

Have you ever seen a UFO or had any alien encounters?
No, never. Not in my years.

Do you believe aliens exist?
In all likelihood, based on the number of planets that could probably sustain life, based on how old the universe is — it’s likely that some advanced alien civilization has come across Earth. I can’t say whether or not we’ve encountered them publicly, but in terms of the grandness of the universe there’s probably some chance that there’s been some encounter.

Do you think, if there is life out there, that it would be friendly or have evil intentions?
So, evil, like morality, is probably subjective. I mean, I imagine an alien race that is nomadic because their planet may no longer be able sustain life and they’re looking for a place to colonize. We might see that as evil, aggressive; but they may see it as their last hope. If they came down and provided us with advanced technology, then we’d probably see them as benevolent.

If they wanted to collaborate with the human race, they would only do it if we could offer any sort of benefit to them, like technology, or resources. But if it’s an advanced alien civilization, like they were able to harness energy from stars and the solar system itself, they probably wouldn’t need very much from us. Right now, we might not have very much to offer them in terms of technology.

What alien movie do you think is most realistic?
Probably “2001: A Space Odessey.” It’s a sci-fi masterpiece. Also “Contact,” with Jodie Foster. It’s a little more realistic.

UFO Angela Zambelli

Angela Zambelli, 64
Retired; Manhattan

Have you ever seen a UFO or had any alien encounters?
Not that I’m aware of.

Do you believe aliens exist?
I believe in the possibility, let me put it that way. Not having seen one, I can’t say for sure, of course, but I don’t exclude the possibility that they could exist because I think there’s a lot that we don’t know yet, despite all the advances in science and technology. Particularly in regards to outer space and the depths of the ocean, there’s still a lot to be discovered. So therefore, I say, Why not? It would have to be proven to me that they don’t exist, or that they can’t exist.

Do you think, if there is life out there, that it would be friendly or have evil intentions?
I think it could go either way. I mean, I don’t lose sleep over it because they could be friendly and curious about us, just as much as it could be the opposite where they want to invade and take over. You know, movies usually portray them as creatures to be feared, but I think they could be benign and friendly and just want to know more about this planet and us.

UFO Mark Obradovic

Mark Obradovic, 24
Architect; FROM Paris

Have you ever seen a UFO or had any alien encounters?

Do you believe aliens exist?
No. I haven’t had enough scientific evidence or proof of them, so I am not opposed to the idea of it being a possibility, of there being life away from Earth. But I’m a more of a scientific kind of person, so once there’s more concrete evidence, I could believe that. But with the Mars Rover finding water — I do believe it’s possible for there to be life form outside Earth. Not in the way that movies portray aliens, like having a certain appearance.

Do you think, if there is life out there, that it would be friendly or have evil intentions?
I think that for us, if there was another alien race on another planet, and if I were to reverse the roles, we would look at them as something to be conquered or taken advantage of, so I assume that the same could be said of them.

So you think that if we discovered alien life we would want to exploit it?
Yes. I think that we would want to study it, capture it, if it was small creatures. Whatever it was, I think that we would treat it as something below human.

–  Interviews and photos by Clarissa-Jan Lim

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6 Responses to Have you ever had a ‘close encounter’ or seen a UFO?

  1. What would these people know if they've never had experiences with the abparanormal.

  2. Yes actually and it is a sighting I have yet to find any other reports of – Upper PA (Tioga County) in the late 80's during winter (I can't remember the month or year, sorry – it must have been between 87 and 90 though). I was outside at night looking up when a huge set of 4 lights flew out from behind the mountain in front of me, turned as a unit and then headed off to the right. It was an area where there was no military bases near it and I never saw formations of planes before or after and it was a time when even military GPS was not perfect enough for night time formation flying that perfect. There was no noise…

  3. about 1973 in kent england i was walking my little dog at about 9pm it was a bit cloudy i was aware of something above me about 200feet up there were three large discs about 150feet across in a row.they stayed still for a while giving off a rushing wind sound…then the two outside craft went up and down then centralised in perfect harmony…then accelerated at great speed away with little noise…then the centre craft did the same thing and shot away…i reported this sighting and the police asked me for details and a sketch…it turned out that a lot of others saw the same thing and the craft were seen hovering over biggin hill air field …it was real and i believe i definatly saw real space craft and i hope they make themselves known in my lifetime…i believe they are here on earth amongst us they are very advanced to us and are aware of everything we are doing…DAVE east sussex england

    • i was 15 years old in 1985.when i saw a very big orange reddish perfectly round disc in the sky,it was low above the mountain tops,as we lived on the mountainside in a place called Ocean View in Cape Town South Africa.it made absolutely no sound and was gliding slowly towards Simonstown,where the the Navy Base are.i knew what i saw was not like anything i have ever seen before or since.it totally changed my believe in anything,i have never look at things the same way ever since.i know there is something out there.

  4. Real UFOs and real Aliens do exist out there. Sadly, most of what is seen on and around Earth are either Government crafts or demonic beings.

  5. I did indeed have a UFO experience!

    Back in '81 I was living on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas and was beamed out of a dead sleep onto a craft at lightening speed!

    The entire experience didn't take more than 5-second from the time I was in bed, up there, then back down in bed. The way it happened was that I found myself standing right in front of a monitor that was placed flat into a counter that was shaped like a bread box and ran to the left and right of which I couldn't see either end.

    As I looked at said monitor I saw what I took to be the earth below. I saw a simple smattering of lights with clouds in between and then I heard a man's voice say behind me "The entire north American continent is becoming mechanized. And the moment he finished saying those words I was shot back to my bed.

    But what REALLY blew my mind was that about 10-years later I was watching the now defunct TV show 'A Current Affair' and they showed a video someone had sent in of UFO orbs/crafts(?) zig-zagging over their house and which showed a monkey on the inside of their house (as they'd inadvertently caught their window while filming) and so here's the thing: When I was beamed aboard the UFO that took me up years earlier, I saw out of the corner of my eye a small monkey on top of mentioned counter scamper away as if startled by my materialization!

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