After Trayvon ruling, Squadron calls for Dept. of Justice investigation

trayvon photo

Trayvon Martin.

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Following George Zimmerman being found not guilty in Florida of all charges in his fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, local politicians called the verdict “shocking” and said it painfully highlights how far America still is from equal justice.

The jury found Zimmerman not guilty of murder, as well as manslaughter charges

State Senator Daniel Squadron is calling for a full investigation by the Department of Justice of the teen’s killing.

“The jury’s verdict in the Trayvon Martin case is a shocking reminder that justice is too often still delayed and denied,” Squadron said in a statement. “Tonight is deeply painful for Trayvon’s family, and for every American who believes in equal justice under the law.”

Squadron, who is running for public advocate, declared, “The Justice Department must now step up and get involved to ensure justice is served.”

The state senator called on people to sign the NAACP’s petition calling on the Department of Justice “to bring civil rights charges to ensure justice is done.”

In a statement, Borough President Scott Stringer said he was “shocked and saddened” to learn of the Trayvon Martin verdict.

“A young black man on his way home should have been able to walk the streets safely,” Stringer said. “Instead, he was cut down by senseless violence. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.”

Stringer is running for city comptroller against scandal-scarred former Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Comptroller John Liu, a candidate for mayor, said, “Today’s decision is shocking and highlights the sad reality that the day of equal justice for Trayvon and millions of other young men of color has yet to arrive. And it reminds us that we must strengthen our efforts to further equality and justice for all.”

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4 Responses to After Trayvon ruling, Squadron calls for Dept. of Justice investigation

  1. How long will you and other media outlets continue to try to perpetrate the myth(IE: LIE!) of Trayvon Martin?? After a full year, you still cling to the propaganda of displaying that 4 – 5 year old picture of him that doesn't even come close to depicting how he looked when he assaulted George Zimmerman at the age of 17! Why do you continue to try to portray this ADULT(if he would have killed Zimmerman that night, he would have most likely been tried as an adult!) as some hapless pre-teen that was basically murdered in cold blood while returning home with Skittles and a tea. I'm surprised that you didn't use his newly adopted first name "The Child" that was granted to him by the prosecution in the trial.

    Let's forget that this was an ADULT that had a history of violence, crime and drug usage. Let's also sweep under the rug that he obviously was racist as well. Let's also ignore the evidence that after Zimmerman broke off pursuit of this innocent little angel, Trayvon confronted Zimmerman as he was heading back to his car and began to assault him!

    But of course all these factors and more are not important. What's truly important is trying to paint a Hispanic as "white" so that we can make this about race rather than focusing on the facts; making anyone that uses a gun to defend themselves into criminals, so we can try to continue to chip away at 2nd amendment rights and destroying a man that by all accounts was a good person who helped minority kids in his community. After all, that's where the truly juicy story is, isn't it?

    • Pass off this Hispanic as white? How stupid are you? No one needs to pass him off as white he’s ALREADY HALF WHITE. Had Zimmerman been a average black guy he would have been found guilty.

  2. JohnP's Mother

    The adult who had the history of violence was not Trayvon, it was George Zimmerman, get your facts right. Zimmerman had domestic violence issues in his past and he ALSO accosted a police officer in a bar fight.
    Trayvon Martin WAS a teenager, not an adult, no matter what you think or say, but those are the facts. Zimmerman stalked, hunted and confronted a kid with snacks. What a big, bad man he is with his GUN and his nasty "punks always get away" attitude! Trayvon Martin was minding his own business when he was HUNTED by this simpleton. I don't believe a word that comes out of Zimmermans mouth. He had a scratch on his head, covered by a band aid! My 6 year old has worse wounds falling off her scooter. Zimmerman profiled an innocent kid and he killed him for no reason. Zimmerman started that fight and ended it with a gunshot to the heart. The trash human being known as Zimmerman didn't even have the intestinal fortitude to own up to what he did and lied about knowing about stand your ground laws, starting the fight, following Trayvon after he was told to stop, the superficial wounds he received, or the exchange between him and Trayvon. The coward wouldn't even testify. Zimmerman wasn't looking for a street sign, it was his neighborhood and there were three streets there. He is a liar and may his soul rot in hell.

  3. Terrible situation all around. It is scary that now an emboldened vigilante (or "cracker", depending) can now patrol the streets of FL again.

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