Speeding cyclist slams woman on Broadway

Photos by Jefferson Siegel

BY JEFFERSON SIEGEL | Around 7:30 p.m. Thurs., June 20, a large group of cyclists was speeding down Broadway when one of them struck a female pedestrian at the corner of Eighth St. Firefighters responded and treated the woman (above), bandaging a large, bloody cut on her forehead. A police car soon arrived, and the cyclists, all young men in their mid to late teens, tried to ride off. Two pedestrians began chasing them, and the police car cut off the cyclists a block south.

Officers talked with three of the cyclists (two of whom are shown below) for several minutes. The injured pedestrian was led into a waiting ambulance. Meanwhile, the three cyclists engaged in raucous laughter for several minutes, joking as if nothing serious had happened. The cyclist in the collision told an officer his bike lacked brakes.

After the ambulance left, the police let the cyclists go with the stern warning, “Slow down.”

Photo by Jefferson Siegel

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One Response to Speeding cyclist slams woman on Broadway

  1. Gary Friedman

    Ive been a bike rider on these mean streets since 1970. I never once hit a pedestrian. Although pedestrians have hit me, on a couple of occasions, by casually walking out from between parked cars in the middle of the block and against the light. My bike has breaks. Bikes without breaks are speed-racers. Theoretically, I could be given a ticket if I ride my bike without lights at night. Maybe if the law required that speed-racers without breaks could not be driven on city streets, an incident like you report here would not take place.

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