Bono and The Edge get some el-eh-vay-tion on 8th St.

Photo by Sharon Woolums

Photo by Sharon Woolums

Bono, The Edge and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2 (bassist Adam Clayton might have been hidden from view) performed on top of the world-renowned Electric Lady Studios on W. Eighth St. last Friday, as seen in this photo snapped by Sharon Woolums from her window across the street. Bono later came down and posed with fans, including Woolums, right, but the shot would have come out better if the singer’s handler had allowed flash.


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One Response to Bono and The Edge get some el-eh-vay-tion on 8th St.

  1. Way cool Wollums!!!….Did they play a full set of just a quick couple of numbers? Oh well, listen, please don't disappear on me..I'll call soon…maybe we can get together and do something a bit summery? Maura was always trying to grab me and drag me over to the riverside park down near you guys…perhaps you might know where she used to hang out….maybe we can retrace her steps a little back towards the end…she was very mysteriousoo during that period…you know what is a drag? …about 4:30 this morning I woke to find myself in this huge cloud of thick back gas or something that was really trippy….I first thought smoke but I could't find heat or smell…moved on and decided to just open the window and deal with it later…woke up to a six inch deep cover of what looked like snow/,., coul;dn't really figure it out at first but traced it to it's source which was a fire extinguisher that went off automatically when the pressure get to bad…it was ancient and the seals must have blown out on it… ok T

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