Hats off — make that on! — to 40 years at Liz Christy

Photos by Don Loggins

Photos by Don Loggins


hat-1Members of the Liz Christy Garden, at Bowery and East Houston St., celebrated the 40th anniversary of the city’s first community garden. There was the famous hat party, with this year’s winner sporting a chapeau in the shape of a watering can. There were free hot dogs and nonalcoholic drinks, and a band played. Founded by legendary greenthumb Liz Christy, today the lush swath of foliage across from more recent arrival Whole Foods Market is home to an eight-story-tall Metasequoia, or dawn redwood, the biggest example of the tree in the city. Dawn redwoods were once thought to be extinct, but a former Liz Christy gardener, today only recalled as “the soldier,” brought back a seeding from a remote area of China where a stand of the stately trees was discovered.

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2 Responses to Hats off — make that on! — to 40 years at Liz Christy

  1. DuchessofNYC

    Congratulations Bill Brunson! Nice can, er, hat!

  2. Penny Jones LCGchair

    Slight correction: Dawn Redwoods were studied in fossil form and found live in Hubei Province, China, from 1941 to 1948; seeds were first germinated in the U.S. at Arnold Arboretum, Harvard, in 1948. The Liz Christy Garden was begun in 1973, and our well-over-eight-story tree was planted in 1981 by then LC gardener, Tessa Huxley, now of the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy. And thanks to everyone who braved the mist and drizzle last Saturday.

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