Francine Morin, 62, artist and longtime East Villager

Francine Morin around 1980.

Francine Morin around 1980.

Longtime East Villager Francine Morin passed away at Beth Israel Hospital on April 27. She was 62.

Raised in California and Ohio, Francine moved to New York City in the mid-1970s to pursue a career as a painter and printmaker. After living briefly in Chelsea, she moved to an apartment on E. Seventh St., and maintained studio space first on E. 12th St., then on E. Ninth St.

“Though she endured extreme difficulties in the last years of her life, Fran should be remembered as a kind, smart and funny woman,” said her friend Larry Gregory. “She was a loyal friend with a genteel presence and a fiercely independent spirit.

“She never lost her love of the East Village,” Gregory said. “Those of us who cherished our neighborhood for encouraging and embracing creative energy, should celebrate not just those who became ‘art stars,’ but also those who came here to experience the joy of trying.”

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2 Responses to Francine Morin, 62, artist and longtime East Villager

  1. This was a beautiful quote from Larry Gregory and it is said in the real spirit of the long time East Village…The East Village Creative energy , what people call the buzz was built on people living an artistic life not on so called 'art stars' usually invented by the media.

    • Larry Gregory

      It means a lot to me that Penny Arcade gets where I'm coming from re: the contributions of people like my departed friend Francine to the fabric of the East Village. Ironically, about 20 years ago, Ms. Arcade and I were actors in a short film "Sadness at Leaving." We had no scenes together and never met. The film covered similar terrain as the current acclaimed TV show "The Americans" – Soviet "sleeper agents" living among us as 'the folks next-door'. Our director was the provocative and influential writer Chris Kraus. Other actors in the small cast included George Barttnieff and Richard Hell.

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