Theft and the City — bike bummer

Photo by Tequila Minsky

Photo by Tequila Minsky

Stefania Owen, who plays Dorrit, Carrie Bradshaw’s kid sister, in “The Carrie Diaries,” the “Sex and the City” prequel, had her bike stolen on Prince St. sometime around 1 p.m. on Wed., March 13. She and her dad, left, cable-locked their four-month-old six-speeds to a tree near MacDougal St., then went to help someone move in to their place. When they returned an hour and a half later, the bikes were gone and only 2 feet of cable was left. “The store insisted we buy this cable, that you couldn’t cut it,” her dad said. “We rode everywhere, even in the winter. It’s a great way to see the city,” Stefania said wistfully, before they headed to the First Precinct to report the theft.

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3 Responses to Theft and the City — bike bummer

  1. I'm sorry they lost their new bicycles. How upsetting–it shouldn't have happened! Prince & MacDougal is a busy corner. Why are NYers ignoring bicycle thieves?

  2. Many years ago, I bought a Kryptonite U-lock. I was told Kryptonite would pay the value of my new bike, if stolen anywhere in the US should I use this lock. Anywhere, that is, but NYC. Apparently, NYC thieves are among the best. While it was a bummer, it also made me feel oddly proud of my city.

  3. Joseph E. Felix

    Most Bike Locks offer guarantees yet have a disclaimer in small print "Guarantee honored everywhere except NYC"

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