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  1. Guest
    March 14, 2013

    It sure seems like the big hurdle to overcome is the repair of the pier, although it always seems to be discussed like overhead. It is not. It is basically a one-time expense. If we can tackle that, any other problems seem minor at best. What I don’t hear a lot about is the park’s greatest resource – the Hudson River. Revenue-generating uses of the Hudson take pressure off the land, and there’s no shortage of river area for water sports, marinas, docking, water shows, tours, floating art/advertising, ferries, marine biology, electrical generation, naming rights/philanthropy, etc. If two guys can drum up the money to turn a train track into a park that isn’t even on such a wonderful river, then the HRP Friends should be able to do the same and more. I’m not saying that we should turn the Hudson back into its port days, but that is when and how it made the most money for the City.

    • Patrick Shields
      March 14, 2013

      Naming rights, and loge pre-sale or auction, as well as a COMMUNITY and PUBLIC SHAREHOLDER team ownership sale, in amounts needed to repair and rehab the pier in advance of construction would work best with a small (15-20K) arena for women's and men's pro soccer. This along with dozens of other revenue streams which could come from working with just this one potential (and appropriate and consistent with current uses) partner, instead of the complexities of working with so many, and trying to continue to balance the inconsistent demands of a glut of old ideas. It's time this idea gets an honest community-wide vetting, with the participation of architects, local and sports economists, and community. Even beginning to mention docking gets the idea of cruise ships into play, and the community would, and should, jump all over that one as a non starter. We've already seen that tax evading and polluting industry lobby successfully to avoid contractual obligations for HRPT park payments, and our Assemblymember, in her own words at the last meeting, say that the cruise lines and the Trust achieved this without the knowledge of her office. Perhaps a clarification on that statement?

    • Ned
      March 15, 2013

      Hear, hear!

  2. matt
    March 14, 2013

    enjoy the pier now, because it will surely be closed while narrow-minded politicians shuffle their feet. Then people will be crying "why didn't we try that?"

  3. Walter77777
    March 15, 2013

    Housing? On PIer 40? Do we really want to see housing terribly damaged by the next Sandy (and there will be a next Sandy)?


    • HKres
      March 15, 2013

      OR on Pier 76 for that matter —which is what Dick Gottfried and Corey Johnson signed off on WITHOUT any real discussion from their district….while everyone was captivated by the "unicorn" plan Tobi Bergman and Madelyn Wils was dangling in from of their own downtown folk as the ONLY plan….Until Sandy…and afterward?- all they did was move it up parkland and built it to 22 stories and two towers.

  4. guest
    March 15, 2013

    HRPT, the electeds and the entire club of tenured park advocates, activists, board members et al have been twiddling their thumbs for years with respect to the park's finances and pier 40's fate. Although I disagree with high rise housing, I applaud the Pier Champs for at least trying to do something and reactivating the non-existent dialogue. The Financial analysis the Champs commissioned could have, and should have been done by HRPT and its Friends 15 years ago.

    The only thing moving forward now is the overdue NID, which is so weak willed and watered down its not going to make much difference. In the meantime, for HRPT, CB2 et al, the millions $$$ in lost revenue from the 300% increase in adjacent property values is just spilled milk, or water under the pier.

    Undoubtedly, as Trinity Properties contemplates its coming bonanza in re-zoned Hudson Square they must be quite pleased to have a premiere park and tickled that no one at CB2 asked them to help pay for its maintenance.

  5. guest
    March 18, 2013

    Agree fully with comments here and with batterypark.tv that there is a leadership vacuum at Pier 40. Handling of the Durst/Champion was very poor leadership. Sooner Wils and Taylor go the better. They have taken incompetence to a whole new level.

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