Police Blotter, Week of March 7, 2013

Meatpacking smash
There’s a right and a wrong place for everything. For example, it’s not a great idea to start a bar fight while police are there for an inspection.

Two officers from the Sixth Precinct said they were conducting a routine inspection inside Anja Bar, at 25 Little W. 12th St., around 2 a.m. on Sun., March 3, when they heard glass shatter. According to their report, it turned out that Paul Bipblob, 28, had cracked a bottle of Jack Daniels over another man’s head after an argument. And as the officers walked over to break up the fight, they also saw Bipblob’s friend Gurdarshan Singh, 28, punching the other man.

After the officers apprehended the two instigators, the victim, 19, was taken to Bellevue for treatment of a large cut on his forehead from the bottle smash. Bipblob and Singh were both charged with assault.

Clumsy purse picker
This guy certainly isn’t going to convince anyone that he’s good with his hands.

Police arrested Alan Fenelon, 26, around 3 a.m. on March 3 after his botched attempt to steal a distracted woman’s credit card out of her purse. The woman, 24, told cops that while she was talking to a friend inside Tenjune, a nightclub at 26 Little W. 12th St., she felt Fenelon’s hand inside her bag, rummaging around for items. She reported the incident to the club’s security, who promptly escorted Fenelon out of the place — after the thwarted thief threw her credit card and ID onto the floor.

The bouncers held Fenelon in custody until the arrival of police, who charged him with criminal possession of stolen property.

Locker room burglar
You know what they say — the customer is always right…except when he tries to steal your personal belongings.

Two employees at the Staples at 390 Sixth Ave., near W. Eighth St., got a shock on Mar. 3, when, around 1 p.m., they walked into the store’s staff locker room to find an unknown man making off with items owned by two of their co-workers. The witnessing employees later told officers that after they realized the situation and called out the intruder, he dropped all of the stolen goods — $60 in cash, a couple of MetroCards and a Kindle Fire — and gave himself up.

Once the crime was reported and police arrived, the perpetrator — later identified as Michael Douglas, 53 — was charged with burglary.

Eighth St. fracas
Things went from bad to worse for this hotheaded couple, after the girlfriend decided she wanted to pick a fight with a police officer.

Cops said they apprehended Evelyn White, 29, and Garry Pinkney, 33, around midnight on Fri., Mar. 1, after they were spotted beating up two women on the sidewalk at W. Eighth St., between Fifth and Sixth Aves. According to the police report, those assaults stemmed from an argument that had taken place between the two groups as they were passing each other on the street.

But things turned uglier after police stepped in to break up the beating, when White reportedly kicked one of the officers in the kneecap, leaving him with severe bruising that required hospitalization. She continued to lash out as the officers tried to slap the cuffs on her, by continually spitting and swinging at them until she’d been subdued.

In addition to the initial assault charges for both White and Pinkney, White was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

– Sam Spokony

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