Letters, Week of Feb. 21, 2013

Koch ruled by division

To The Editor:
Re “Koch’s color, complexities laid out in new documentary” (news article, Feb. 14):

Koch brags about bringing people together? What a sad joke. He ruled by division, especially along racial lines. And his failure to bring people together to fight H.I.V./AIDS allowed the virus to spread out of control from New York, the epicenter of the pandemic. That’s what made his sexual orientation relevant. His fear of being identified as homosexual drove some of his worst actions — and prevented him from identifying the gay men who were dying as his brothers.
Andy Humm

Goldin is a treasure

To The Editor:
Re “Moses couldn’t part the L.E.S.” (news brief, Feb. 14):

Frances Goldin is a treasure — but she’s nearly 90, so we need to learn from her while we can. Check out the history of the Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association, which is the result of the fight she, Esther Rand and Thelma Burdick led. These are the names of heroes, along with all the others who fought to retain low-income housing stock. But you won’t find them on plaques in any Hall of Fame, or even talked about much, since the powers that be don’t want you to know about them. If the people knew they could own and manage their own buildings, with nonprofit rents of a quarter or less than market rate, landlords wouldn’t stand a chance.
Chris Brandt

Her prayers finally answered

To The Editor:
Re “Derelict Canal building and two others to be renovated” (news article, Jan. 24):

Many thanks for your supportive article regarding the wee houses that are going to be rehabilitated. I’ve often said a prayer for them when walking back from the City Records room on John St.
Jessie McNab

What sad news to return to

To The Editor:
Re “Soho woman riding on kick scooter is killed by long truck” (news article, Aug. 30):

Away for six months, I was shocked to learn from a friend tonight, on Feb. 13, of Jessica Dworkin’s recent horrid death and I just now read The Villager story. How sad and tragic. What a happy, free spirit in her cowboy hat with her love affair with plants, animals and people, life and New York City. I knew her from the Village and Soho and would bump into her on the street or at Morton Williams where she’d drag me to the Washington Square Village gardens where she’d commune with the flora and fauna like St. Francis.

She said the Allman Brothers titled their song “Jessica” after her, and why not? May this angel liven up things in heaven.
Rick Hill

Feldman’s vision was key

Re “Feel the burn! Theater for New City pays off mortgage” (news article, Feb. 7):

Something’s missing from your article about Theater for the New City. You failed to mention that Floyd Feldman — co-founder and director of Good Old Lower East Side — was the genius that envisioned the transformation of the underutilized Department of Sanitation facility, in the former city market, as a home for the theater. Without Floyd’s creativity and tireless effort, along with the efforts of the staff of GOLES, T.N.C. would not today be calling E. 10th St. and First Ave. “home.”
Susan Leelike
Leelike is co-founder, Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES)

People were scared to back me

To The Editor:
Re “Geballe wins Round 1” (Scoopy’s Notebook, Feb. 7):

On Jan. 31, Arthur Schwartz, a State Committee member, and I lost a three-way special race to Jon Geballe for male district leader for Part A of the 66th Assembly District (Greenwich Village, south Chelsea parts of the East Village, Soho and Tribeca). About 60 members of the district’s County Committee cast votes in the election.

This special election was held to fill temporarily the position vacated by recently elected state Senator Brad Hoylman until the next primary election.

After the election on Jan. 31 a number of people reached out to apologize for not being able to cast their vote for me. They revealed that they could not possibly vote publicly against the candidate handpicked by the district leadership. The vote was an open, voice vote.

Although I lost in the County Committee vote, I plan to run for district leader in the September primary election.

In the primary, the entire community of Part A of the 66th Assembly District will have a voice and the ballots will be secret. If elected, I will bring diversity and, in fact, will be the first person of color ever to help lead the most legendary, progressive district of our city.
Deley Gazinelli

Takes pot shots at Beal

To The Editor:
Re “Nebraska burns Beal; Gives pot activist 4 to 6 in the joint” (news article, Dec. 28):

In your article on Dana Beal you are glorifying a twice-convicted drug felon! Why are you serving as a public relations firm for him?

The word on the street is this Dana Beal sold garbage pot! Low-quality, inferior stuff!

Dana Beal took advantage of very sick people by lining his pockets with money from these poor souls!

Has Dana Beal ever held a lawful job? Can he show a W-2 form? The taxpayers of this country paid for his heart operations!

Your newspaper should devote space to the more than 100,000 legitimate citizens of Greenwich Village — not to bums!
Joseph Marra

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4 Responses to Letters, Week of Feb. 21, 2013

  1. Free Dana Beal!
    And give him the nobel prize.
    And by the way, let's send the prosecutor on a desert island with a gorilla on heat and no female, just like in the song of Georges Brassens "Le Gorille"!

  2. Joe Marra You ran the night owl cafe, a crappy tourist joint, and booked Fred Neil there. In Bob Dylan's autobiography, Chronicles, Dylan calls Fred Neil – "an underground cop." So you had a undercover narc working for you. Everyone knows that many Greenwich Village venues at this time were controlled by Organized Crime. Afraid Dana is cutting into the mob's pot business? Dana had the lowest prices in town. The Yippies are coming to your home for a legal but loud demonstration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H35odPm7b3w check this confrontation out between Joe Marra and Dana

  3. Dana Beal and Paul DeRienzo previously replied to Joseph Marra in these letters to the editor: http://www.thevillager.com/2011/12/08/december-8-

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