‘Captured’ caught Koch’s eye

Photo by Billy LeRoy

Photo by Billy LeRoy

Ed Koch appeared in the movie “Captured,” a biopic on Lower East Side documentarian Clayton Patterson, and he attended its New York premiere in June 2008 at a Rooftop Films screening atop New Design High School on Grand St. on the Lower East Side. The rock band A.R.E. Weapons also played at the screening, which was attended by a mainly young crowd of about 1,100 people. Also at the screening with Koch was Henry Stern. During the clashes between police and radical activists in Tompkins Square in ’88, Koch was mayor and Stern was the city’s Parks Department commissioner. In a note afterward to Jenner Furst, the film’s editor and one its producers, Koch wrote, “I thought the film was very well done, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish you much success and appreciate your including me in it and inviting me to the premiere. The immense size of the audience attending was a sign of your certain success.”

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3 Responses to ‘Captured’ caught Koch’s eye

  1. What a paradox the picture of Patterson and Koch projects. The mayor released the dogs on Clayton because he videotaped and documented the 1988 police riot and their abuses. The film also has a small clip of the Twin Towers and documentation of a police officer warning everyone that a second plane is coming. How did a cop on the street know that a second plane was coming? Street scenes, street action, dialect, kids…all unavoidable once stepping out on his stoop. The magic of the handheld camera. Loved it. http://patterson.no-art.info/filmography/2008_cap

  2. What a night great moment in my life to meet Mayor Koch .Captured
    the film about Clayton Patterson made it happen! I remember there being
    2500 people at the screening , it was packed! And I did not take that photo
    it was Dan Levin one of the 2 Directors the other Ben Solomon. Captured was my 1st role
    in an important HIstoric film about an Important Historic Artist Clayton Patterson .
    Billy Leroy ,Billy’s Antiques and Props

  3. clayton patterson

    Thanks Billy- I would add Billy LeRoy one of the stars of Travel Channel's Baggage Battles.

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